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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Photos To Inspire

It seems impossible to escape a tired state of mind. Whether it's the weather(ha), school, work or crappy diet, we all experience this terrible fatigue. It seems so much easier to lounge around, than to truly "get up and at em". I love opening up to my Pinterest and my favourite inspiring blogs, to reboot my mind and seize the day before it's gone. Here are three of my favourite images of the moment, which are helping me be the best I can be.
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Making a conscious effort to put these 29 items into your routine will undoubtedly help you improve in all areas of your life.
Photo via: the Fao of Dana
In todays technological world, it is too easy to forget some of our most basic building blocks- words! Making it a natural habit to speak eloquently will allow you to excel in situations, like interviews and public speaking. like..omg ya.. like totes.
Photo via: Backahime
This one speaks for itself. If I could permanently stick it on the back of my hand, I would in a heartbeat. It encapsulates everything I try to do in life, with "love more" added as #11. Time goes by so quickly and it is far too easy to waste hours of it staring at screens, arguing with loved ones and being unhappy. Make 2014 your year to do all of the little things you have been meaning to do, and do them with a smile.


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