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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Joe Fresh Makeup Review

always get suckered into the simple and clean displays of Joe Fresh makeup at my local Loblaws. After picking up a few of their products, I not only appreciate their display now, but also their impressive quality. Here are a few swatches of my favourite products from the brand:

 Joe Fresh matte lipstick in rose, coral. Lip gloss in praline
Covergirl lipstick in heavenly as a comparison, then top-bottom: Joe Fresh matte lipstick in coral, rose,  lip gloss in praline

Joe Fresh cream eyeshadows in marigold and slate
Compared with Maybelline tough as taupe cream eyeshadow
 Cream blushes in apricot, melon and bloom
Top-bottom: Joe Fresh cream blush in apricot, melon, bloom
Wearing Joe Fresh cream eyeshadow in marigold and slate, Joe Fresh cream blush in apricot, Joe Fresh matte lipstick in rose

Watch my review here: 


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  1. I'm dying to try the cream blushes. Thanks for the swatches !


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