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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Au centre-ville de Toronto

Last week I went on an early morning shopping trip to the Eatons Centre, with the beautiful Akkila visiting from uni in Ottawa. My day started off very well; I gracefully woke up before my alarm. Unless I'm having a bad dream, this never happens. So everything was all rainbows and flowers, until I was sitting on the subway and looked into my bag...

Yes, the battery decided to stay in my wall instead of joining us on our journey. Greaaaatttttt. iPhone pics and an extra few pounds to lug around. Ahh c'est dommage...

Sephora lash bar

The outfit of the day- Dress and cardigan from H&M, tights from the Gap and booties from Aldo. 
(cute sock there kiki ;) )

We went to lunch at Spring Sushi right at Yonge and Dundas. They had a very affordable lunch option, and "all you can eat" too. Best of all, you order on iPads!


Gorgeous girl!

Walking into my beloved H&M is always amazing for me, but not so much for my wallet. This sweater had to come home.. and it might just be my new favourite piece of clothing.



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