Hello! Thank you for spending some time in my little corner of the internet. I'm Madeline, a Toronto gal with a flair for finding sales, and a passion for cosmetics.

I love flipping through the racks at second-hand shops and boutiques, and I could easily spend every waking hour creating handmade jewellery. I spend my days working in marketing and social media strategy for a school in Toronto, and I have a bilingual degree in Linguistics and Language Studies.

In attempts at sharing my favourite outfits and eats, I naturally veered into the world of blogging back in 2012 as I began to find the best buys to fit into my busy routine. I hope you enjoy reading through my posts as I continue on my journey to elevating daily life, and curating a collection of all my favourite things. xx

Profile photo courtesy of Blynda Dacosta Wedding Photography.

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