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Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Zoya Dreamin' Collection Summer 2021| Review and Swatches

Zoya Dreamin' Collection

There's no denying that my love of nail art is strong, and it always has been. I'm so excited today to share with you swatches and a brief review of the Zoya Dreamin' collection that you can buy on - currently on sale for only $69! 
Zoya Dreamin Swatches
Zoya Swatches: Desi (15 mL) Polly (15 mL) Darla (15 mL) Skipper (15 mL) Mateo (15 mL) Summer (15 mL)

I've never been overly concerned about the ingredients of my nail polish, but I can definitely smell a stinky bottle from a less-offensive smelling bottle. As somebody who collects polishes and doesn't always de-clutter when they should, it is always such a pleasure to try a fresh bottle of Zoya nail polish because they have a very clean formula that also performs exceptionally well. 

Zoya Desi
Zoya Desi

I always make sure to prep my nails by buffing and pushing back my cuticles, then following up with OPI nail envy matte as a base coat, two thin layers of colour, and one thick layer of INM out the door top coat. Shop all of my nail essentials HERE. 

Zoya Dreaming
Zoya Polly

See Zoya "Darla" below:

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