Monday, January 11, 2021

What to Look for at the Thrift Store | Tips for Shopping Second Hand or Consignment

Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Hi everyone! Happy New Year indeed. I wanted to start off 2021 by sharing some awesome tips for thrift store or consignment store shopping. Check out my video below to see them all with examples!

Thrift Shopping Tips
Everything I'm wearing in this outfit is thrifted, except for my skirt (F21) and shoes (Bagatt, purchased in Italy)

Tips for Finding Great Fashion Items:

  1. Visit local stores often
  2. Keep an open mind 
    • But know your limits and storage!
  3. Try to avoid looking for 1 specific thing, you may be disappointed 
  4. Wear spandex tank top and leggings for easy try-on
  5. Note the fabric and styles you like and stick to that 
    • I avoid polyesters, scratchy wools, shine or glitter
    • I also look for items made in Canada, made in USA, made in Europe
  6. Look for defects, damage, moth holes, missing buttons, etc. on ALL pieces
  7. Check side seam tags for manufacture date
  8. Look for unique patterns in jackets, scarves etc.
    • AVOID BASICS, get those at Uniqlo! Also thrift stores charge way too much for tees
  9. Know which stains can be removed
    • Ask for a discount if its damaged
    • Avoid damaged items all together as they might be unsalvageable
  10. Pair high & low, new & old
    • Identify the qualities of a high-end item: wooden soles and heels on shoes, quality brass hardware on purses or jewellery, look for signs of ware

Draw the line – no intimates, activewear, running shoes (hello, toe fungus!)

Jeanne Beker said it best: 

“It's not WHAT you wear, but HOW you wear it - and more importantly, how you move through the world that really matters”.

Tips on Glassware Homewares:

  1. Forget about brands at first 
    • Look for things you like, and lightly used
  2. Don’t buy anything chipped or damaged
    1. Handwash delicately printed or coloured items 
  3. Buy useful items, limit the “d├ęcor” - it can get junky looking very fast
    • Too much is too much. Leave the statues at the store. You aren’t filling a shrine.
  4. Look for great gifting items 
    • Plates, baskets, cute storage bins, vases, frames, etc.
  5. Keep an eye out for sale days
    • I just scored BIG on 30% off homewares, lots of frames, new glasses, storage bins etc.

Online Thrift and Consignment Shopping Recommendations in Toronto:

  • Plato's Closet is now doing online sales
  • LAB Consignment Luxury Retail is a great place for Luxury Consignment
  • Follow your local consignment stores on Instagram for updates
  • My favourite is Facebook Marketplace. No need for crazy shipping costs, and it's easy to bargain with folks in your area
  • Poshmark and Depop are other retailers but not the best options for low-price items as you pay at least $13 for shipping
  • Look for Palz Trading Zone or local buy & sell groups on Facebook that are in your particular city
Thrifting, shopping second hand and buying luxury goods are a reduced price not only is great for the environment, but it's also a way to "shop local", find items that are already broken in like leather shoes, and a perfect fix for someone who has recently changed size, wants to experiment with new trends and is looking to save some cash. Let me know your favourite tips and stores!


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