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Sunday, November 22, 2020

Shower Routine Essentials

shower essentialsDuring a lockdown, it's so easy to let our personal hygiene routines fall to the way side. I was realizing at the beginning of WFH life in the spring, there were too many "more important" things to do than wash and dry my hair properly, put on some makeup or wear non-pyjama pants. But once I started doing those things again - I felt like a million bucks! I want to encourage all of you to stick to a regular shower or bath routine during lockdown, so here are some of my favourite products that keep me fresh for both Zoom calls, and in-person outings.

foamie sponge

I wanted to shout out the Foamie since it's more of a recent addition to my routine, and one that is PERFECT for gifting this holiday season. The Foamie is a vegan-friendly, soap-filled sponge that has the most perfect exfoliation factor. Once wet, squeeze to create a lather with the soap chunks in the centre and massage over the body. It comes on a looped cord to hang dry, and each sponge should last 30 uses. I have the Aloe You Vera Much version, and it keeps the skin balanced and not stripped. At $15, this is the perfect addition to anyone's gift, guy or girl!


Drain Hair CatcherAvon Propolis Damage Shampoo/ConditionerBriogeo Exfoliating Scalp BrushHead and Shoulders Scalp Scrub (2x week)Touch of Silver Purple Shampoo (1x week)Apple Cider Vinegar 1pt to 2 pt waterWide Tooth CombClarisonic with exfoliating rubber brush headMoisture Therapy Body WashThe Body Shop Exfoliating GlovesBenzagel After Care LotionMoisture Therapy LotionCake Beauty Cake Walk Foot CreamDry Idea Deodorant

What are your favourite shower products as of late?
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