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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

MORNING SKINCARE ROUTINE | Dr.Belmeur, CeraVe, Avon Anew, Olay, High Beauty

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I'm a total skincare enthusiast, and I've tried all of the trends over the years. I first started using Korean beauty products back in 2016 or so, and kind of fell off the wagon a bit. I recently began using these goodies from Dr. Belmeur and guys... I am literally never going back. Watch my video below for my entire routine, and keep reading to see a full review on 4 of my favourite K-Beauty essentials.

Dr. Belmeur Review

Dr.Belmeur’s Daily Repair line is a premium derma-cosmetic skincare line that uses plant-based ingredients that have similar components to our skin. Dermatologically tested, this line provides gentle skincare and barrier-enhancing solution to common skin problems. The Daily Repair offers a custom-made formula that helps improve sensitive skin. I am so happy to report that these products are available on, and they're on sale! 


DR.BELMEUR Daily Repair Foam Cleanser 150ml $17.00

I love a simple cleanser like this. The texture on this isn’t overly runny, so it works well on my clarisonic brush. The fact that it is “slightly acidic” helps balance my combination skin. It works to minimize irritation to sensitive skin and is formulated without additives like parabens, synthetic pigments, mineral oil, animal-derived ingredients, or artificial fragrance. I use it as a second cleanse, after removing my makeup with a balm or oil cleanser. I also occasionally use it in the morning if I need a deeper cleanse (I traditionally use a cream cleanser in the morning as to not over-dry my skin). This foams up well to lift off dirt but doesn’t leave my face tight or my eyes stinging.


DR.BELMEUR CICA Peptite Ampoule 45ml $65.00 (Avon link)

Am I allowed to have a favourite product? Because this is totally it. The energy ampoule (supercharged serum with higher concentrations of active ingredients that you're meant to use as a “booster” or when you're having a skin crisis) energizes tired skin, creates a smoother surface, and helps strengthen the skin barrier for firmer skin. This is exactly what I need, and I love how it absolutely wakes my skin up in the morning. The packaging is absolutely divine, the way it keeps air out and the pump auto-fills makes it far fancier than any $200+ serum or treatment I’ve tried. And there have been many.


This serum is so high quality and won't break the bank, compared to most $75+ alternatives. The gentle triple care formula (radiance, pore care, moisture) brightens dull, sensitized skin and creates a soft skin surface without leaving a sticky residue. It has an amazing light texture and no detectible fragrance. beautiful packaging and design, pump doesn’t get clogged. It contains Vitamin C, V3 and B5.



This is a soft, comforting sheet of moisture that makes for the most juicy skin that feels beyond soothed. It gives me that gel-cream texture but no sticky finish, it’s a satin finish. It helps to repair damaged skin caused by external environment and eases skin tightness caused by dryness. Ideal for post-sun exposure, I always find the sun causes my skin to feel so dry and tough, especially after layers of SPF. It truly hydrates skin with moisture and protects the skin barrier. There is a natural fragrance which is a soft citrus floral scent.

skincare routine

Along with everything pictured above, the Avon Anew vitamin C brightening and illuminating collection has been a staple in my routine. The illuminating primer moisturizer provides a lovely combination of vitamin C and B3 to brighten the complexion, and mattifies my skin before make up. It layers beautifully with a lightweight SPF underneath, like this lightweight moisturizer with SPF 30 from CeraVe. The new vitamin C brightening eye cream has also been a daily essential. 88% of women showed improvement in under eye brightness after using this for two weeks, and I believe that its yellow tone and lightweight finish has been working wonders for me as well. The collection also has the warming peel, lip balm and vitamin C serum (haven't tried this) which I shared in this post last year. Vitamin C is an amazing ingredient which I covered quite heavily in a recent review, linked here. It’s absolutely something to consider incorporating into your routine if you haven’t already.

What have you been using on your skin lately?
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