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Thursday, December 5, 2019

EOS Review | Lip Balm, Shave Cream and Lip Scrub

EOS Lip Scrub Review

Did you know that EOS' first product was not lip balm? As a matter of fact... it was shaving cream!

EOS shave cream review

I've always been intrigued by the striking coloured packaging and eco-friendly pump dispenser of the EOS' shave cream. As someone who just recently had laser hair removal, I shave once every few months and *still* dislike the process. I have really enjoyed the luxe texture of EOS' shaving cream, along with the light fragrance and moisturizing feel.

drugstore lip scrub

This lip scrub has been so nice to use. The formula needs a bit of work though, since the oils separate from the granules providing a messy jar and inconsistent application. I have been taking the advice of the girls at Bite Beauty Lip Lab in Toronto and keep my lip scrub in the shower. This ensures that I'm reminded to use it regularly. This type of product is great in the winter months when lips can become extra flaky and chapped.

eos hand cream review

The EOS hand creams are so cute. They're like a flat pebble shape and the formula is a lovely, standard moisturizer. Nice and hydrating, without being sticky or overly fragranced.

EOS organic lip balm stick review

The real MVP for me are the Organic Strawberry Sorbet lip balm sticks. I honestly don't love the spherical balms anymore. I used them religiously in like 2009 when they were exclusively sold at Chapters Indigo. I find the shape to be a bit awkward to tote around, so these stick balms have become a staple. I keep a strawberry one in my travel bag, and I love the consistency. Also very convenient how two come in one pack. It works just as well under lipstick as it does before bed. The balm has no colour, a light scent and satin finish (no shiny gloss) and great lasting power. I wouldn't recommend these for extremely dry, cracked skin - only for mild-moderate dryness.

After the whole EOS balm fiasco a few years back, I do believe the new, Organic formula works better now to soothe dry lips.

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