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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Summertime Skincare Favourites | Pixi, Nair, St Tropez, InSPRAYtion

Summer Skincare

Today was a record-breakingly warm October 1st, and it made me reflect on the products that really stood out over the past few months. This has to be one of my most important roundups of this year, since they're 5 things that have made a huge impact on my skin during the summer, and ones that I'll now never go without.

Best Hair Removal Method

1. Pixi Glycolic Body Wash, Peel & Cream $25 each

I'm trying to strip my skin less, hydrate more, and cleanse very thoroughly when I do shower. This trio from Pixi is outstanding. These giant bottles are packed with skincare that's worth their weight in gold. A lightly foaming glycolic wash to clear away dead skin and dirt without irritating sensitive skin. The polish is a wonderful once-a-week option that I'd recommend using in the bath - or when you've shut off the water for a few minutes. It offers a deep exfoliating treatment that isn't going to cause micro-tears or irritation. The body lotion is a serious win. Thin, effective and so easy to apply. I use it all over my body and I never feel greasy or itchy. It's fabulous for avoiding ingrown hairs too. I've also heard that using an acidic lotion or toner under the arms can help reduce body odour... so there's that. The Pixi body products come highly recommended after months of continued use on my end.

Pixi Glycolic Body Review

2. Nair Leg Mask Brighten + Smooth with Charcoal $16

A product that does EXACTLY what it claims? Yes. Please. Nair’s specially designed formula of depilatory cream now comes with 100 % natural clay + charcoal to draw out and removes hair, dirt, oil and impurities. After 10 minutes of marinating in this lotion, you're left with soft, stubble-free legs. Best of all, the mask lets you go longer between your shave by minimizing hair regrowth. This was my laser hair removal prep and pre-tanning essential because it quickly removed all leg hair without any nicks, cuts, itching or annoying stubble. I can't wait to try the Aloe Vera one.

rainbow nails toronto

3. Shellac Pedicure at Rainbow Nails in Vaughan, ON

I visited Rainbow Nails on a total whim with my friend Akkila, and have been going back without fail ever since. I played beach volleyball in the summer, and my toes would get seriously grimy. Since I was wearing open-toed shoes to work, I needed some bulletproof polish. The shellac pedi is a godsend, lasting 3-4 weeks, keeping my toenails free from cracking, and won't fall off after lots of sand time. I can scrub my toes and it won't budge. This has made my life so much easier and I can't see myself going without a shellac pedi any time in the future.

InSpraytion Tan Review

4. Tanning - St Tropez Whipped Marshmallow and Inspraytion 

I've stopped baking in the real sun, and have started fake-baking in a tanning tent! Not a tanning bed, people. We are trying to go cancer-free here. I simply adored visiting Tricia at InSprayTion in Scarborough, ON right before my birthday back in August. Her organic spray tan solution is applied carefully and liberally to the body, leaves you with a fantastic bronzy glow. See photos above! I love spray tanning because it allows me to wear less makeup, results in less redness overall, and helps dry out any breakouts. I also enjoy being forced to moisturize more, it's a good habit to get used to. My tan lasted one full week, and was gone within 12 days. It hung on very well, especially since Tricia provided me with very clear instructions that made the pre and post-care simple. Find more info and pricing here.

When I'm not enjoying Tricia's spray tan, I wear St Tropez Whipped Marshmallow foam tanner. Paired with the velvet mitt, this is a fool-proof fake tan. It is dark, pleasant-smelling, long-wearing and fades evenly. I will absolutely repurchase.

5. A Wet Body Brush

I recently read this life-changing skincare tip: wet your body brush for a more gentle effect. I had no idea this was a thing! I have this $10 body brush from iHerb and it was way too scratchy initially. I simply wet the brush under running warm water, use it as a post-shower exfoliator, and it works wonderfully to keep my legs, arms and back smooth and flake-free. 10/10 for sensitive skin gals.

What did you love using this summer?
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