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Monday, September 9, 2019

REVLON SO FIERCE! Mascara and Eyeliner Review

REVLON So Fierce Eye liner Review

Back on the #Revlon train today with a look at their newest mascara and liner from the So Fierce! Collection. Overall these are a 7/10 - great pigmentation, decent lasting-power and fine application on both fronts. See why below!

Revlon Canada So Fierce Eyeliner Mascara

So Fierce!™ Vinyl Eyeliner $8.99

Available in 8 vibrant shades, this liner claims to be waterproof and smudge-proof with a lacquer-like sheen. I don't find it to be totally smudge proof, especially if I'm wearing it on my bare (oily) eyelids. It is extremely pigmented, suuuuper smooth and buttery, and will blend out well if you want a more smoky look. Righteous Rum is very red, so make sure to apply concealer/foundation, shadow, etc. first to avoid having a sickly appearance. The Mighty Mocha dark brown is VERY dark, nearly black! So I didn't even open my black one and passed it over to family since I knew the brown would do. I don't find these liners to have sharp precision, since they are so soft and buttery. That being said, I'd take a smooth application over a waxy rough texture any day, so this is a recommended option at the drugstore.

REVLON So Fierce Vinyl Eyeliner Review

Here's a makeup look where I'm sporting Righteous Rum on my upper lash line, and Mighty Mocha on the lower lash line:

Revlon So Fierce Review

Revlon so Fierce Mascara Review

So Fierce!™ Mascara $8.99

This is a rubber bristled mascara and I have the shade Blackest Black. It gave me great length, but not a ton of volume, as promised. The rubber bristles are quite poky, which I don't love, but it does a great job at keeping my lashes separated. I didn't notice any intense flaking or smudging, and the pigmentation is wonderful. Pretty basic, but not bad! I feel like I could build up for more volume with additional coats since it doesn't clump up, but I just don't have the patience most mornings. It would also layer well over a L'Oreal or Dior lash primer, for sure.

REVLON So Fierce Mascara

Revlon is killing it with their new launches for fall, so many trendy goodies!

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