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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Body Shop Haul! | Makeup for Summer 2019

Body Shop Summer 2019

I've been wearing makeup and skincare by The Body Shop for many, many years. The store nearest to my house has had a bunch of reduced makeup items for as little as $1, so I did some major shopping! I truly need none of this, but I'm always eager to test out interesting products on the market to share my thoughts with you.

The Body Shop Haul

Highlighting and Correcting Pens

Convenience is key, since i often throw some makeup in my bag and head out the door. Twist-up pens are simple and sweet, so I was excited to try both the highlighting and correcting pens from TBS both in the lightest shades. These highlighting/correcting pens aren't online, but here's a link to my favourite Matte Clay Concealer which I included in this tutorial.

The Body Shop highlighting pen

I haven't used these a ton, but on first application I like the lightweight feel and high pigment. Will report back!

Lightening Drops

The Shade Adjusting Drops for Liquid Foundation are one of my favourite items of all time from TBS. They mix so well with any standard foundation, but especially with their highly acclaimed Fresh Nude Foundation. I rely on these so much in the winter to give my base makeup a brighter finish.

The Body Shop Makeup Review
Cushion foundations, lightening drops, lip liners, eye pencils, contour kit

Lip Liner

This was a fabulous find and one that I'll definitely be rebuying for a long time. The nude Lip Liners from TBS are so good, and I'm wearing one all on it's own here! The darker dusty nude shades I have don't appear to be online , but all of the shades look good and the store has testers available to try.

Eye Pencils

I also bought one of the Smoky Eye Definer Eyeliner pencils for my sister in the dark purple shade. For myself, I kept the creamy eyeshadow pencil since they're my crack. I enjoy smoking one of these pencils along my lash line for a subtly defined look:

The Body Shop Makeup Review
Wearing the contouring kit, cushion foundation, eyeshadow palette, creamy shadow pencil, and Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink in Heroine

Contouring Kit

I'm also loving the Contour Kit from TBS. I have it in the light shade, and the dark is available online in clearance. The shades are all highly pigmented and easy to use. You can pop them out and replace them when they run out, though I'm not sure if the brand will continue to make this sized refill pan moving forward.

Eyeshadow Palette

Next, the Down To Earth 8-Shade Case! Just say DIY and I'm in. There are only a few shades of the Eyeshadow Palette Refills online, but the stores should still have some. I spent quite some time picking out my shades to pop into this palette, and I'm quite pleased with the neutral array of mattes and shimmers:

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eyeshadow

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eyeshadow Review

Down To Earth Eyeshadow

The Body Shop Down To Earth Eyeshadow Palette

Cushion Foundation - flop

My one major flop was the Cushion Foundation. I have it in shade 01 Fuji Peony and 02 Malawi Beach. One big problem was that the hinge on one of the cases completely cracked and broke on my right away. Another problem is the fact that these foundations don't dry down to a longwearing finish. They suck on both dry and oily skin, and the shades aren't that wide or flexible. I do appreciate that the yellow-tones suit my skin well, but the finish is a dealbreaker. I'm leaving the Malawi Beach shade in my desk at work for quick touch-ups, but that's about it.

Cushion foundation
Cushion foundation swatch in shade 02 Malawi Beach: LEFT (nothing) RIGHT (cushion)

Do you have any makeup from The Body Shop that you love?

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