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Saturday, July 6, 2019

AVON Flourish Honey Blossom Review

AVON Flourish Honey Blossom Review

Perfume is a daily staple for me, but there's a fine line between "just enough" and I NEED TO SHOWER fragrance. I have a sensitive olfactory system which is partial to vanilla, fruit and delicate white flowers. Please welcome, Avon Flourish Honey Blossom Eau de Parfum. It is perfection.

AVON Honey Blossom

"A bright floral that opens with sparkling apple blossom, blooms to a full heart of sweet and vibrant honeysuckle nectar and finishes with the soft notes of airy vanilla orchid"
AVON's Flourish Honey Blossom perfume is only $30 CAD regular price and is on sale now for $20! Shop here. I've been using it as a daily fragrance that hangs around decently well but never overwhelms the senses.

Avon Honey Blossom Review

AVON Iconic Lipstick Pink Blossom

The Iconic Avon Lipstick has been a welcomed addition to my spring beauty routine. The shade Pink Blossom adds a pretty pop of rose, which is shimmery and natural. It is available in 3 chic shades (nude and dark pink too) housed in gorgeous packaging that features classic springtime Avon prints. At $12 each, these are so worth the $$.

Avon Pink Blossom Review
Avon Iconic Lipstick Pink Blossom

Avon Iconic Lipstick Pink Blossom

I don't find this lipstick to be overly glittery, it's actually quite nostalgic in formula since most lipsticks have opted for a creamy or matte finish. This Iconic lippie is highly pigmented and weightless on the lip with no strong scent. I recommend! It's very pretty.

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