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Monday, October 1, 2018

How To Get Back Into Your Routine For Fall | Farleyco Beauty

Farleyco Beauty Products

The turn of the season always gives me a push to start something new, refine my habits and do some general housekeeping. Here are some products I use to get my beauty routine back on track for the cooler months ahead.

Dry Shampoo Drugstore
So...? Body Mists $4.99 ea

Farleyco Beauty

Keep your hairstyle fresh between washes

I've expressed my adoration for COLAB Dry Shampoo in the past, so needless to say it's a staple for fall and winter as well. My OG is COLAB Original Invisible Dry Shampoo, which I love to double up under the Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo. The Original Invisible is perfect for absorbing oil all over, while I shoot some of the Extreme Volume in the parts of my scalp where I want some "oomph" - the crown, sides of my part, and around the centre at ear level. If you want some fancier fragrance with the same oil-absorbing powers as the Invisible, try Paradise. Pick up a bottle of Active Invisible if you are spending time exercising outdoors. Not to mention how cute the new packaging is! You have to try them. All $9.99 at, London Drugs, Brunet, Rexall PharmaPlus, Guardian IDA and more!


Keep your pits feeling fresh all day (and week)

So I'm all about roll-on deodorant these days, my favourite being the Yves Rocher Indian Cotton Flower 24H Deodorant Roll-On. I like roll-ons because they're easy to apply and don't transfer onto clothing. I also find that they're easy on my sensitive skin in the winter, since I don't get flaky and dry as much under there. So I wanted to try Perspirex right away, because how could I not be tempted to get my pits in check with "life-changing protection" that promises up to five days of no sweating. Perspirex helps to remove the inconvenience and embarrassment that accompanies excessive sweating. This roll-on liquid temporarily forms a gel plug in the sweat duct ensuring maximum efficacy with minimum discomfort. The perfume-free formulation is clinically proven to provide extra effective protection. You could also double-up and add a regular scented deodorant or perfume if you wish! I found that it was a very lightweight roll-on liquid, leaving no white marks on clothes. They advise you to apply at night, which I do already. It definitely works great for me, I didn't smell at all and I like the fact that you don't have to apply it every day for protection. They recommend you to wait 24-48 hours after shaving to avoid excessive itching, and make sure that you don't over-apply - since that causes itching too. Much like the other reviews I saw online, this product will cause itching at first (on almost everyone) and I found that there was some uncomfortable dryness as well. This subsided after day 3. I will not use it on a regular basis since I don't need such high protection, but if you have incessant sweating - I'd absolutely recommend giving this product a try. $19.99 at, Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu, London Drugs and more.

Keep your blonde hair bright between colouring 

I love using hair-lightening spray to keep my blonde hair bright, so I'm always in the market for shampoos that can intensify the results I get with my spray. If you find yourself with no time to head into the salon, Provoke Hair Care's Liquid Blonde Colour Infusion shampoo and conditioner have your back.

Provoke Blonde Shampoo
Provoke Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner
This haircare line is specially formulated to add depth of colour, tone, and shine to highlighted and multi-toned blonde hair. Formulated with Golden Blonde Pigments and Tamanu Oil the shampoo and conditioner instantly boost colour, depth and gloss to blonde hair offering beautiful results in just one wash. I definitely notice an instant boost when I use this line of hair products, I can't wait to continue testing them into fall and winter to keep my hair colour light and fresh. $10.99 each at, Rexall PharmaPlus, London Drugs, Lawton Drugs and more.

Flexitol Dry Skin

Soothe dry skin on elbows, legs, knees and feet

Flexitol's very dry skin cream is medically proven treatment for dry itchy and scaly skin, suitable to relieve eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. It contains 12.5% urea and dimethicone for optimum hydration. The formula is truly non-greasy and fast absorbing, so I use it on my legs and arms religiously. I adore their Heel Magic balm for softening my summer heels, I reviewed it here. The Flexitol lip balm is also amazing, I reviewed that one here. So smooth and nourishing, it works great for cracked winter lips. At only $12.99, you can't go wrong! Available online at and at London Drugs, Rexall PharmaPlus, Walmart and more.

so... Body Mist
Pink Grapefruit: tropical cocktail of zesty citrus, complemented by fruity notes of mango and passion.
Fresh Floral: a beautiful blend of peach blossom and peony flowers, that lets you enjoy the smell of summer whenever & wherever you are.

Smell fresh and clean all day

I often need an afternoon pick-me-up, and a little body mist usually does the trick. Don't these pretty bottles make you feel like you're in grade school again?! Be still, my heart. The So...? Pink Grapefruit Body Mist (100mL) smells like a cup of freshly squeezed juice, it's sunny and light - great for all seasons. The So...? Fresh Floral Body Mist (100mL) is a bit more sophisticated with its predominantly floral base that can be worn all day, or all night. These body mists are a handbag essential for me, especially since the thin plastic bottles are exactly 100ml - airline friendly, and over 600 sprays! My trick: spritz some in your hair for the longest-lasting scent. $4.99 at London Drugs, Brunet, Rexall PharmaPlus, Guardian IDA and more!

Beauty Box
What products are you using for fall?

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