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Monday, August 13, 2018

Time-Saving Summer Skincare Essentials | Farleyco

farleyco summer

For me, summer beauty is all about efficient products that pull their weight and make life easier. Over the past few years, Farleyco has been my 1-stop-shop for affordable brands that don't mess around. They're always stocking the newest and best from a variety of brands, so here are a few of my current faves that you can buy now.

aloe balm

Purple Tree Aloe Vera Miracle Balm $6.99

Aloe vera is a miracle in itself, so I knew that this balm would be an awesome item to keep in my travel bag. Made in the UK with natural ingredients, Purple Tree miracle balm helps to heal damaged or dry skin, and keeps my cuticles soft. I've used it under lipstick too, and it provides a comfortable base to keep your lips plump. Buy miracle balm hereOther flavours: papaya, pomegranate, coconut

Beauty Lash Tinting

BeautyLash Brow Tint Kit (Medium Brown) $19.99

This product made me squeal with excitement, I LUV at-home beauty treatments! This is the epitome of summer must-have, since semi-permanent lash and brow tint is a fantastic way to get out the door quickly and hang by the pool looking fabulous. Buy Beautylash here. Available shades: dark brown, medium brown, black.

The short of it is: YES this product works, it is awesome for brows, gives definition to the lashes, but can't replace mascara for me just yet. See below for a tutorial:

My experience:

beauty lash tinting review

I forgot to put an oil-based cream around my brows, so I went a bit too heavy-handed with the tint. It was fine, but my skin was noticeably stained along with the hair so my brows looked intense for ~1 week. After watching the tutorial video above, I would  consider mixing and matching next time, using the black shade for my lashes (and leaving the products on for the max amount of time) and the medium again on my brows, but being more careful around the edges. Would absolutely recommend trying it out!

colab dry shampoo

COLAB Extreme Volume Dry Shampoo (Original) 200mL $9.99

Hi, dream hair in a bottle! COLAB dry shampoo is outstanding. And I'm not the only one who feels this way: my friend Sara has gorgeous thick dark hair, and is a diehard COLAB fan as well. It's great to know that us gals with thin, lifeless hair can enjoy COLAB just as much as those with thick and voluminous hair. I wash at least every 2nd day, but Sara's hair lasts 3-5 days between washing so she relies on COLAB a lot to keep her scalp feeling fresh. #goals

The COLAB original and paradise versions dispense touchable, soft and invisible powder that soaks up oil and breathes new life into second-day hair. For me, original/paradise usually aren't enough to give me long-lasting volume, so I always layer in some Volume Extreme to the upper portions of my scalp (not near the ears or neck). Volume Extreme provides gritty, intense texture and volume. It may leave a white cast, which is why I only apply it to the underside of my upper scalp (not along the part). After a good massage throughout your roots, expect runway-ready hair that can last for up to 2 days. Buy COLAB online hereMultiple sizes, fragrances and formulas available.

colab dry shampoo review

Keep an eye out for an upcoming post where I show before-and-after shots!

MesmorEyes review

MesmorEyes #406 Kit for Round Shape (3 Styles) $12.99

Falsies are not high on my list of necessities, but they do pack a serious punch when you're doing a full-face makeup look. In the summer, it's great to try and limit the amount of powders and creams on the skin, so falsies will give you that stunning drama you may crave if you forego liner and shadow. MesmorEyes has sets of 3 lashes geared towards your eye shape. My eyes are round, and I'm very happy with the flexible lash bands and natural volume of these 3 styles. I'll be sure to wear them sometime soon, so follow along on Instagram to see when I do. Buy MesmorEyes online hereAvailable styles: almondround and monolid.

ecotools mask

EcoTools Facial Mask Mates $10.99

Oh, EcoTools. How I love you so! I've used EcoTools brushes and tools for years, you can see my review history here. This masking set really hit the nail on the head for me, especially for the price. This soft, synthetic makeup brush gives you a spa-like experience right from the comfort of your bathroom. It applies a cream mask without wasting a ton of product on your hands, and it is quick to wash - see my routine here. The sponges are also incredible, I use them to remove my masks, of course, and to exfoliate my skin with a regular cleanser. These sponges are easy to use, easy to clean, and they dry fast to avoid bacteria buildup. Buy EcoTools Mask Brush and Sponges here.

7th heaven mask

7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Face Masque $1.99

Montagne Jeunesse single-use masks are the perfect travel skincare fix, and ensure a fresh application each time. I've used a bunch of them, and always love the charcoal and clay masks that promise to pull out impurities and leave the skin feeling fresh. I recently tried both the 7th Heaven Dead Sea Mud Mask and Creamy Coconut Deep Moisture Boost Mask, and were pleasantly surprised by the results. The Dead Sea mud mask was really smooth and comfortable on the skin, not irritating and not drying. It definitely helped to reduce oil and leave my skin feeling extra clean. The Deep Moisture mask was surprising - it left a tingle on my face. It's a very thick formula and absolutely plumped up my face. I like following up with a moisture mask after using a clay/mud mask, so these two work very well together. Buy 7th Heaven masks online here.

montagne jeunesse 7th heaven

I also wanted to loop back around to the Foot "sock masques" which I mentioned here, since they're a product I completely adore. Foot and hand masks are your movie-night essential. These disposable bags are packed with a hydrating serum for your feet and hands, which is incredibly moisturizing. I put the foot masks on for 20 minutes (be very careful walking, things can get super slippery) and I make sure to put socks on immediately after removing. With refreshing peppermint and comforting shea butter, your feet will be enveloped by deep hydration that never feels sticky or thick. My feet actually feel like heaven now. Buy foot mask here for $5.99.

lip plumper

Modèle Collagen Lip Treatment (Plump) $29.99

When I think fresh summer makeup, I envision plump lips and glowing skin. My reliable production of oil checks off the glow card quick, but my lip line seems to be becoming less defined, and coffee/dehydration always causes my lips to feel kind of blah. So needless to say, I love the Modèle lip treatment. I'll admit that I only use it occasionally as a regular moisture balm, but I will definitely do a case-study soon where I actually use as suggested: apply on lipstick-free lips alone or as a base for lipstick. Apply three times a day for a minimum of 30 days. Use regularly to maintain results.

lip plumper review

I typically only enjoy lip plumpers for a finite amount of time, since the tingly hot feeling can get irritating. I was thrilled to discover the Modèle plumper since it does not give any unusual sensations. The texture is thin and instantly hydrating, with a fresh-tasting flavour. I find that it plumps up my lips like a hyaluronic acid serum applies on the face! Super awesome. Buy Modèle Collagen Lip Treatment here. Available products from Modèle: Lip Defining Pencil, Lipstick Sealer, Collagen Plumper. 

Let me know which of these you try!

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