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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Edens Garden Natural Bar Soap | Review

Edens Garden Soap

Edens Garden is an amazing natural brand, they have home and beauty products that are so high quality, and don't have outrageous pricing just because they're "green". I find that their objectives are in the right place, providing us with beautiful and special daily essentials that are infused with 100% pure essential oils, promising to uplift, cleanse and refresh with ease. Here's my review from January where I chatted about their diffuser and oil blends. Today I want to introduce you to their new solid bar soaps, which look totally scrumptious and smell better than you can believe. Read on to see which scents they offer.

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Charcoal, lemongrass, peppermint, earth & wood, lavender, fighting five

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Detoxify and clarify your skin with the Charcoal bar. It gently draws out harmful toxins and impurities without overdrying. Naturally exfoliating and packed with rich nutrients, the soap helps restore the skin’s natural luster while helping to protect against free radicals. The scent on this soap is light and earthy, it smells like a comforting spa. I'm looking forward to using this one all over the body for gentle exfoliating and detoxifying.

Lemongrass Natural Bar Soap

Restore your skin’s supple softness as you inhale the tranquil aroma of Lemongrass. The Lemongrass bar is naturally infused with organic calendula extract to help heal skin irritations and fight bacteria. Especially effective for acne or oily skin, the Lemongrass bar leaves your skin feeling ultra healthy and fresh. This vibrant lemony soap is so reminiscent of a fresh lemon rind, great for settling acneic skin or using for cleaning hands in the kitchen.

Peppermint Natural Bar Soap 

Deeply hydrate your skin while gently extracting excess oil with the Peppermint bar. Its stimulating aroma invigorates the senses while reviving natural energy. Perfect for a morning cleanse, the Peppermint bar has a tingling effect to help heal muscle and joint soreness. Reminiscent of a crisp piece of chewing gum, the peppermint soap bar is your post-workout BFF. Leave this in your gym bag or use in the bath to clean skin and soothe muscles all at the same time. 

Earth & Wood Natural Bar Soap

Naturally brighten your skin as you lather on the Earth & Wood bar. It gently expels dead skin cells to promote a more radiant tone and texture. The astringent properties of the Earth & Wood bar helps balance the skin’s pH without stripping natural oils so you feel clean and fresh everyday. This is a great soap for men, or those who want a more chai-tea, woody fragrance in the shower. Perfect for fall and winter, or as hand soap beside the sink.

Fighting Five Natural Bar Soap

Safeguard your health by stepping into your shower with the Fighting Five bar. Packed with immune-boosting properties, it works to eliminate germs and pathogens without dehydrating your skin. The Fighting Five bar absorbs deeply into your pores to help protect against harmful bacteria and free radicals. The perfect travel soap bar, this is suitable to the whole family and does not give off a strong fragrance. 

Nourish your skin as you reach a deeper level of relaxation with the Lavender Magnolia bar. Creamy and hydrating, its botanical nutrients work to reduce inflammation and increase circulation as it cleanses. The aromatherapeutic effect of the Lavender Magnolia bar helps you feel your best throughout the day. This lavender scent is gracefully subdued with the floral magnolia aroma, perfect for a nighttime shower.

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I'd recommend purchasing the "Create Your Own" Natural Bar Soap 3 Set from Edens Garden, which brings the total cost down to $39.06 CAD. A great idea for friends who want to support vegan, clean, cruelty-free brands.

Edens Garden are an amazing reference for essential oil uses - I have their pamphlet of 150 uses for essential oils, where they provide unique blends that target concerns like motion sickness, insomnia, sanitization, etc. and how to apply - massage on abdomen, inhale slowly, massage on temples, etc.

Check out Edens Garden online here, their products make for such a lovely gift too.

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