Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Increasing Health, Happiness and Self-Love Through Wellness Treatments at Soul 7 Yorkville

Soul 7 Yorkville

Are you feeling overly stressed? 

Fragile mental states like this creep up on me so fast sometimes, and it can be hard to cope alone. At Soul 7 you'll find a team of researchers and therapists redefining wellness through their non-invasive treatments. They offer Health Canada approved frequency technologies in full-body sessions to treat mind and soul. I was so excited to visit their Yorkville location, and will definitely be back for a guided meditation class later this summer. Read on to see why.

Soul 7 Review

Soul 7's mission is simple: Optimize our clients innate ability to self-heal. 

Watch my vlog below featuring pre, during, and post treatment thoughts:

Alternative Therapy Toronto

I've never experienced anything like Soul 7's multi-sensory therapy before, and it definitely calmed my pent-up stress. These non-invasive, drug-free NeuroScientific Therapies balance the nervous system and boost the immune system. Light, sound, massage bed, blanket, calm & fresh-smelling environment. Need I say more? Head in to Soul 7 Yorkville for a personal wellness assessment for your integrative healing treatment to resolve any physical and emotional energy blockages.

Light and Sound Therapy

Explore the Soul 7 treatments here.

Treatment offered free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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