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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Natural Headache Relief with Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Rocky Mountain Soap Company

Headaches plague us all at some point, and popping pills is not the route I want to go down to fix them. There's always an underlying cause when I get headaches, whether that's dehydration, caffeine, stress, changes in air pressure, or even a too-tight ponytail! Rocky Mountain Soap Company is a great Canadian brand that has released new aromatherapy products within their Wellness Collection to help you relax and alleviate headaches - naturally.

Wellness Bath Salts Review

Natural Headache Relief


Soothe your sore head with this wonderfully relaxing balm. The cooling sensation of peppermint eases headaches and mental fatigue, while French lavender is calming. Sweet marjoram and rosemary also help to relieve any pain so you can have a clear mind once more. Vegan | Non-GMO

Oh boy do I ever love this little bottle. First off, it has an extremely fragrant blend of essential oils, which I adore. The best part is that they're formulated in a thin cream, which is not greasy in texture like most of the "first-aid" oil kits that earth mommas keep on hand. This means that the product will sink into the skin immediately so you can continue on with your day and not have to wash off the product. 

There are two ways to use this headache relief balm:
  1.  Rub into the temples, around the eyebrows, at the back of the neck, with your fingers. You will immediately feel a cooling sensation on the skin. This is great for long flights, long meetings, seasonal allergies, and it's pregnancy-safe.
  2. Rub 1 pump between hands, cup over your nose, and breathe deeply 5 times. My life literally changed after starting my nighttime ritual of deep breathing with this cream. I know that practicing breathing exercises to relax isn't revolutionary, but I could never do it properly on my own. I need that aromatherapy accent to flick a switch in my brain and really decompress. It works every time, my shoulders release tension, my face falls, and I feel content. The blend of oils in this balm is outstanding. I adore the lavender, peppermint and rosemary all blended together,  reminding me of my Sleepytime tea that I'll grab when I need a warm drink at night. the two of these together.. pure heaven. Remember that even though the bottle is tiny, a little goes a long way.

Headache Remedy
Rubbing my headache balm on my temples, and practicing breathing midday to relax muscles, and recentre my mind.

Bath Salts


Draw out toxins with a little help from fir, patchouli and spearmint oil, as well as pink himalayan and sea salts. Epsom salts soothe tired muscles, while geranium and rosemary oil improve circulation. Bye bye toxins. Vegan | Non-GMO

Where headaches are concerned, a big culprit for me is: fatigue. Before bed, I like to run a warm bath in order to help me get ready for sleep. The warm water releases and calms my muscles after a hard workout too. This bath soak is so lovely, it never leaves my skin itchy or dry. I'll sprinkle a quarter of the package into my tub (it isn't big) and rinse off with cooler water before getting out. I find salt baths make me quite parched, so bring a cup of water with you to sip on. The minty, leafy fragrance is luxe, spa-like and very comforting.

Two of my other standout products from Rocky Mountain Soap Company are their Pomegranate Day Cream and their Transformative Cleansing Oil. Both have 5 star reviews, with good reason.

Shop Rocky Mountain here, and support local beauty biz!

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