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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

5 Things Your Man Wants For Christmas

Daniel Wellington New York Store

Why is Christmas shopping for men pretty much impossible? I always start thinking about what my guy needs in August/September. Hear me out.

Shopping in the summer is way more fun, and there are tons of great sales when the seasons change. Even if you aren't as excited about gifts as I am, you still have a ton of time to find the perfect *useful* gift before the holidays. Today, I have 5 things to show you that Joseph loves - and they definitely won't dissappoint!

Daniel Wellington Custom Embossing

1. Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford/Durham Watch

I first mentioned this stunning watch on my blog back in October (Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford) and like fine wine, it has gotten even better with age.

Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford

What started as the Classic Oxford watch morphed into the Classic Durham after a weekend trip to New York. I purchased a stunning sandy brown leather strap for Joseph's beloved classic rose gold face at the DW store in Lower Manhattan.  

Free Embossing Watch Strap

The skinny, deep blue shop was so inviting, and we found the perfect leather strap to take his Oxford watch from day to night. The best part? Free embossing. We got his initials stamped at the end of the strap, and the whole thing was around $60 USD. A Daniel Wellington watch is an ideal gift that keeps on giving.

Classic Durham Watch

Where to buy: The Bay, online at 

2. John Varvatos Artisan Blu Fragrance

Ok y'all, this men's fragrance is UN-REAL. It smells fresh, sexy, alluring, and definitely not cliché. I don't even want to call it cologne since it's both classy and rugged in a cool fishing net jacket. You have to head to a department store now to check out this fragrance, it's a big fav for both of us.

Where to buy: Shoppers Drug Mart, NordstromSephoraThe Bay,

Proraso Beard Care

3. Proraso Mens Beard & Moustache Care

Proraso is the perfect brand that sits right between luxury and drugstore. It's affordable, sold at Shoppers, but still compares to the higher-end options. If your guy is still rocking that Movember look into winter, or likes to grow out a beard, you have to get him some Proraso. The shaving cream got 10/10 reviews in a post I did in 2015 (Proraso Red Shaving Cream Review).

Proraso Moustache Wax
Proraso Moustache Wax $13
Where to buy: Shoppers Drug Mart, FendrihanMen Essentials on the Danforth

Schaf Skincare

4. Schaf Skincare

I was recently introduced to Canadian skincare brand Schaf, specializing in unisex products that forget the fluff. No fragrance, no colouring, simple packaging, sleek look. They boast all-natural ingredients but you wouldn't notice, since their textures are very refined.

Schaf Review
Schaf Radiance Firming Serum $65, Schaf Eye Cream & Night Cream $60

Schaf Shaving Cream

Their shave cream $20 has a unique texture that smooths across the skin in a thin, delicate lather. It won't give you that thick cushiony lather that some men enjoy, but the fragrance-free natural formula will work well on all hair types.

Schaf Lip Balm

I've also tried their face moisturizer ($45), which has a great rich texture that sinks into the skin flawlessly. It has no fragrance and comes in a convenient, sanitary pump. 

Where to buy: Men Essentials on the Danforth, The Detox Market, Jacob & Sebastian

Eden's Garden Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser - Blue Ombre

5. Eden's Garden Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser

The eco-conscious man who want's to zen-out after a busy day needs a sleek diffuser. It's easy to pop into a store like Saje and drop $200, but more affordable options are out there. I am beyond happy with my Eden's Garden diffuser ($63.52 cad) that I've been using for about a week. I have the Mauve Ombre shade, but this Blue Ombre is a great shade for more androgynous decor.

Eden's Garden Synergy Blends

Unlike a hot humidifier, Ultrasonic Diffusers only require a small cup of water and a few drops of pure essential oils to completely fill a room with calming, detoxifying fragrance. The cool, undetectable stream of mist is soothing to watch, and will remove unpleasant smells from small spaces. I have a whole bunch of Eden's Garden Synergy Blends to try, and I'll definitely do a post in the future highlighting my faves.

Bonus: Filson Clothing & Accessories

Filson is a classic outdoor clothing brand that also offers fantastic travel bags and accessories. My favourites from the brand include the Vintage Flannel Work Shirt ($145),  Rugged Twill Travel Kit ($125) and the Weatherproof Leather Original Briefcase ($795).

What's your go-to manly gift? 
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