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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

New from L'Occitane | Summer 2017 Hits

L'Occitane Summer 2017

Our warm, summery days are now numbered, and I'm bracing myself for the cool crisp air that'll surely make my combination skin get flaky and temperamental. L'OCCITANE is the brand I turn to when I need calming and hydrating products that'll last me through the fall and winter months.

Peony Cleansing Oil

Peony Petal Cleansing Oil - $39

Ahhhhh. Cleansing oil. I've been singing its praises for years, and my all-time favourites are from L'OCCITANE. I've gone through a few bottles of the Immortelle Oil (one will last for so long!) and no other brand stands a chance. This summer I fell head over heels for the Peony Petal Cleansing Oil ($39) which is spectacular. Infused with real French flower petals to smooth the skin, the convenient squeeze-top allows me to dispense only a small amount so I can avoid wasting product. It dissolves all of my makeup in a flash. I remember buying the world-renowned DHC Cleansing Oil off eBay at least 5 years ago, and ever since then I rarely use anything but this to get makeup and swatches off dry skin. (Exception: Krikland face wipes and Olay Daily Facials when I need a one-and-done solution)

L'Occitane Oil Makeup Remover
Rub a quarter-sized amount of oil onto dry skin with hands. This will begin to melt your makeup off, even waterproof eye makeup. Be patient and gentle. Run your fingers down your lashes to dissolve mascara and liner. Rinse with warm water, and lightly exfoliate with a washcloth. Continue with a water-based cleanser to remove dead skin cells and impurities.

Verbena Refreshing Exfoliating Sugars

Verbena Refreshing Exfoliating Sugars - $44

Exfoliation is so important, yet a step I overlook far too often. The Verbena Refreshing Exfoliating Sugars make exfoliation so much easier since it's a product that leaves my skin feeling very moisturized. At the end of my shower, once I'm all clean, I'll massage a scoop of product onto my legs, arms, shoulders, back, etc. to gently remove dead skin cells and leave a comforting layer of light moisturizer. 


The packaging is simple, and beautiful. Along with the other cult-classic Verbena products, this would make the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a splash of citrus.

Moisturizing Exfoliator

When you add water, this lightweight exfoliator turns into a moisturizing milk that washes off clean with no heavy residue left behind.

Peony Face Mask
Masks from top to bottom: Overnight Perfecting Mask, Flash Moisture Mask, Purifying Minute Mask

Peony Flash Moisture Mask - $7

Oooh my happy place! Moisture masks. After cleansing, toning and applying a thin layer of serum, I'll smooth a layer the Flash Moisture Mask on and head to sleep. I don't go overboard so I don't need to tissue-off any excess. This means that my only gripe is the packaging - this one pod can cover my whole body. Honestly! I'd prefer a smaller packet, or a resealable top to keep it fresh longer. For now, I keep my unfinished pods laying upside down on my bathroom shelf.

Peony Overnight Perfecting Mask - $7 

When I'm feeling lazy, I'll make sure my skin is super clean then I'll slap on a moisturizing mask like theis before heading to sleep. No toner, no serum, no moisturizer. L'OCCITANE's Overnight Perfecting Mask dries down to a comfortable texture, and does not clog my pores or cause redness. This lightweight gel mask reminds me a lot of the LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask (reviewed here) but this one is better. It's pretty magical when you wake up with glowing skin, and the Overnight Perfecting mask in particular helps me achieve that goal with ease.

Peony Purifying Minute Mask - $7

What a lovely mask for combination skin. As seen in the image above, I only use a thin layer of this one on my T-zone to draw out oil and keep my pores in check. The texture is divine, and the formula is extremely gentle. Fortunately, a little goes a long way so one pod will last you for at least two applications. I could definitely see myself repurchasing this mask.

The Peony masks from L'OCCITANE also come packaged in sets of 6.

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