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Monday, September 11, 2017

The 5-Day Hair Challenge | Hair Slinky

La Vita Glam

A few months back I got a big box full of my favourite hair accessories: Hair Slinkys!
La Vita Glam invited me to take part in a 5-Day Hair Challenge to see how long I could go without washing - all while keeping my hair looking fresh in Hair Slinkys.

Hair Slinky

I wrote about these beautiful shiny coils in a post last summer and have used them daily ever since. I also started getting my hair cut at Civello, the Aveda salon by my work on Queen St. W, and they carry the Hair Slinky brand in their boutique. These gentle, non-kinking, super strong hair ties are truly the best.

Silk Pillow Case

I also received a luxuriously smooth satin pillowslip from La Vita Glam. Sleeping on a silky, satin pillowcase will keep your hair free from tangles, and can reduce skin wrinkles since it doesn't pull like cotton.

Silk Pillowcase Uses

It goes so well with my bedding, and feels smooth and luxurious on my skin and hair at night.

Hair Bobble

How long can I go without washing my hair? 

If you asked me a month ago, I'd say one day. But I've changed!

I'm trying to wash my hair at least every other day now that I'm growing it out a bit longer. I love the texture that I can get with second-day hair, and I'm always amazed by the power of dry shampoo when I pull my hair back in a pony on day three.

Here are five of my favourite styles that I'll throw together with a Hair Slinky:

Second Day Hair Tips

Clockwise from top left:

  • Low Pony - perfect for showing off statement earrings or to wear with chunky glasses (like these)
  • Half-Up - a take on the popular "man bun", this is a great fall hairstyle that looks fresh and trendy
  • Ballet Bun - a standard, mid-height bun that I wear to dance class. Hair Slinky's have incredible grip but never yank out my hair or give me scalp pain
  • Top Knot - my go-to for when my hair is wet, or when I want a punchy 'do with freshly washed hair
  • Hold in Place - this isn't a style, it's more functional. When I'm doing my makeup or getting dressed, I'll keep my hair back in a Hair Slinky since it won't pull or kink my hair before styling

Arm Candy
The Gold and Silver Hair Slinkys look amazing as part of your wrist stack

Hot tip! 

Has your Hair Slinky stretched out? Drop it in some boiled water, and watch it retract back to it's original shape.

Hair Coil

You can order your own Hair Slinkys online and they range from $4 - $8 cad each. They're the perfect addition to a birthday gift, Christmas stocking, or for inside your gym bag.

How do you extend the life of your hair styles?

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  1. I love the variety in these hair slinkies! There are so many different sizes. I want to try them!


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