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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween Mani Ideas | 2016

Halloween mani
Halloween has come and gone, and I'm already looking forward to next year. Now before I get ahead of myself, here's my DIY mani from this past week!

These tutorials served as my inspiration:
halloween nail design tutorials
ghost nails
sugar skull nail design

To create these designs I used various dotting tools that I've purchased from: the dollar store, Sephora, and eBay. Some DIY dotting tools could be a head pin stuck into the end of a pencil eraser, an opened up bobby pin, or a safety pin for super small dots and lines.

spooky manicure

When creating a design, I blob a dot of polish into a magazine cover since the shiny surface doesn't absorb the liquid. I'll dip my tool directly into the polish and begin dotting away. This whole process took just under two hours. I especially like to leave time in between coats to make sure they fully dry. 

Halloween DIY
The little ghosts were created using the big side of the dotting tool


  • Remove any old nail polish 
  • Cut, buff, and file nails, then push away cuticles (favourite products here)
  • Spritz some rubbing alcohol onto your nails and wipe with a towel - not a fuzzy cotton one
  • Apply a thin layer of base coat, then apply base colour - no more than 2 thin coats
  • Begin the designs - less is more, don't go overboard
  • Use a polish thinner if things are getting clumpy
  • Apply a fast-drying top coat: I used Sally Hansen Miracle Gel because it's thick and durable 
  • Make sure you have enough top coat on the brush so that you don't drag the bristles across the design. Try to float over as you gently guide the polish to the edges 
Tip! Try to anchor your pinky and/or 4th finger on the table while you dot, especially when you're using your non-dominant hand

Manicure techniques

Pro tip: If you hit your nail on something and messed up a drying design, lick your finger (or wet with water) and gently smooth out the polish with gentle rubbing. You can add additional layers of top coat throughout the week to really keep the designs looking fresh.

Dotting tool
My nails after 5 full days of wear

Check out my Instagram feed here for some snaps from my Halloween weekend.

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