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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Delia Organics | Canadian Skincare Review

Delia Organics Review

Earlier in the summer I got in touch with Delia Organics to try out a collection of their products. I'll admit that I do quite a bit of research before trying new skincare, to keep the whole process fun and stress-free. Skincare is something that you must integrate slowly, to ensure the ingredients are suitable for your skin type.

It has been so difficult to find a line of products from one company that provide a simple, powerful, no-fuss routine. Though I still adore brands like Paula's Choice, and everything mentioned here, I've found some serious winners which are ALL from Canada. Delia Organics offers quick cleansers, nourishing oils, powerful treatments, refreshing serums, and light, soothing lotions. Shop Vancouver-based Delia Organics here.

Canadian Skincare Brands

Dose of C Lotion With Green Tea & Vitamin B5 ($30)

This lotion is lightweight and great for all skin types. Loaded with Vitamin C, it will help brighten your skin tone and diminish dark spots over time. You will notice a smooth texture after your first application and hydration levels will increase. Apply AM & PM everyday and this product will last you 3-5 months. I love using this moisturizer in the morning, as it works very well under makeup. The pump is so efficient at dispensing the perfect amount for one application. Best part? There is no fragrance. And not in any of the following products either!

Products for sensitive skin
L to R: Dose of C lotion, Restore Treatment, Dose of C Serum, Dose of C Cleanser

Dose of C Cleanser with Rose Hip Oil & Aloe Vera ($30)

This sulfate-free cleanser will leave your skin as clean as can be. Infused with aloe vera and sugar, it is non-drying and has 15% Vitamin C for that brightening, anti-aging effect. I use this cleanser in the evening with my Clarisonic brush, directly after I remove my makeup with L'Occitane's Immortelle Oil Makeup Remover. A little goes a long way, and be sure to keep your eyes closed tight - the Vitamin C will sting. Available on backorder

face oil treatment

Dose of C Serum with Aloe Vera & 18% Vitamin C ($40

Ah, a water-like serum with healing and soothing properties. Studies have shown that Vitamin C can actually help kill the bacteria that causes acne, while reducing inflammation and brightening skin tone. In addition, this serum has hyaluronic acid (read more here), which will help boost the skin’s moisture barrier and prevent moisture loss. Serum is crucial in your routine as it is the vehicle to pull the active ingredients into the skin’s layers. This also makes for a lovely morning moisturizer when you need only a touch of nourishment.

Restore Treatment with Tamanu & Noni ($40)

Ever since high school when I faced my fears (ha) and used Argan oil to resurrect my damaged skin after a bad forehead breakout, I have been an oil-believer. I always keep a few bottles of my favourite natural oil elixirs on hand, which I'll resort to in times of need. (Read: dry, irritated, blotchy winter skin)

This oil blend includes grapeseed, avocado and jojoba oils which have natural antioxidants and repairing fatty acids to combat UV exposure and minor imperfections. Massage this oil blend into your cleansed skin at night time (routine here) to increase circulation for optimal rejuvenation. 

Great for all skin types, and very effective after a masque treatment like the Clear Sailing Masque below.

Clear Sailing Enzyme Masque with Kojic Acid & Pumpkin Enzymes ($19)

Acne can be a tough issue to deal with. Whether you have acne scarring or you are suffering from blemishes, this masque is for you. This masque will help brighten, smooth and add hydration to your dehydrated skin. It also has exfoliating properties that will help remove dead skin cells and leave your pores clear with regular use. - Delia Organic website

Oily/Combination Skin – 4x a week
Sensitive Skin – 2x a week
Normal/Dry Skin- 4x a week and then you can work it into everyday

This product will last you 3 months if you use it 3x a week. (36 applications)

I tried this mask a few times, and quickly realized that it is a bit too potent for my sensitive skin. I cannot use any products that contain glycolic acid on and around my T-zone, so I will continue to use this mask on my arms and back to smooth out any textured areas. 

Vancouver small business

I was so touched by the hand-written card and little recipe cards that came with my package. If you were wondering, these teas are delicious. Alicia, the founder of Delia Organics, has put so much time and effort into her brand, which has definitely payed off. I'm a fan!

You can watch my review of the collection in action below:

Discover the entire Delia Organics collection online here, and check out some more reviews here.

Press samples featured.

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