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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Aspire Eyewear | "Popular" Frames in Navy

aspire eyewear

"Hold on, I can't see."

Ah, the joys of nearsightedness. I've been wearing glasses for ten years now, and it's a love-hate kind of thing. At one point, I only wore monthly contacts, which I would wash and put away at nighttime. Now that I'm working at a computer every day, glasses are my go-to as I suffer from dry eyes and contacts become very uncomfortable after a few hours.

chic glasses
My day-to-day glasses on the left, Aspire Eyewear "Popular" frames on the right

I've gone through many pairs of glasses, ranging from metal to plastic and high-end to low-end (some favourites featured here). When I was flipping through the press release from Aspire Eyewear, I couldn't help but feel attracted to the modern concept of these lightweight, chic, futuristic frames.

aspire glasses review

Aspire Eyewear is created with SDN-4, a specially designed nylon material proprietary to the brand. Designed for the manufacture of extremely lightweight eyewear with exceptional thinness, the hypoallergenic SDN-4 material is incredibly strong and durable, offering shape memory, heat resistance, and will not fade in UV exposure. Using customized SDN-4 sheet material, Aspire frames are not injected, but created with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery to produce unique shapes and endless
color possibilities. 
  • 50% lighter than a typical plastic frame
  • 50% thinner than a typical plastic frame
  • 22% lighter than a typical titanium frame

lightweight glasses


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Comfy
  • No need for adjustments
  • Cool colours and styles

glasses review


  • Made in China
  • Had to adjust the nose pads to fit
  • Could become weak overtime
  • Lenses would add weight
  • Cold insert frames are hard for some opticians to work with

I know of two places in Toronto where I could go to fit lenses into these frames:
  1. Dr. Archie Chung, 318 Broadview Ave, Toronto, 416-466-6670
  2. Dr. M. Turner 586 Eglington Ave E, suite #808, 416-488-8110

With the frames costing ~$150 and basic lenses at $150, these glasses are very comparable to other mid-range brands on the market. I would definitely consider buying lenses for these "Popular" frames to wear on the daily.

Affordable glasses

The feedback from friends and family is that the white part of the arms is a bit distracting on me. Regardless, I'm amazed by the comfortable fit, and I would recommend Aspire Eyewear to anyone searching for that "barely there" frame that looks sharp and sophisticated.

Aspire ClearVision

The frames from Aspire would make for incredible sunglasses too. You can shop the whole line of glasses here at ClearVision Optical.

Press sample featured.

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