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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wet n Wild Reviews | Shadows & Liners

wet n wild review

Earlier this year I attended an event for wet wild's new spring collection. The products I tried out were either brand new and totally unique, or repackaged and reformulated versions of their bestsellers. This post is a quick overview of some new eye shadows and eyeliners.

10-Pan Studio Eyeshadow Palette in "Coming in Latte" $10

Overall, I like this palette. My favourite shades lie right in the middle, since I'm all about neutral browns blended into the crease. Layered over their incredible eye primer (featured here), these shadows are worth the price. The shimmery shades don't really compare to the creamy pigmentation of wet n wild's 8-pan Color Icon Palettes, and this selection could use a few more matte, mid-tone shades, in my opinion. As with the rest of the collection, I would prefer less bulky/cheap packaging. The darks are dark, the shimmers are sparkly, and the included brush is good. Though a bit sparse, the fluffy side is soft and blends nicely, and and the flat side can be used to pack shimmer onto the lid.

wet n wild eyeshadow review
Wearing the shimmery champagne on my inner corner, the lightest beige on my browbone, a mixture of the middle two shimmery browns on the lid, and the two darkest browns in my outer corner. Liner is the Proline felt tip liner in dark brown.

ProLine™ Graphic Marker Eyeliner in Airliner Blue $5

I am totally thrilled with this blue felt-tip liner. It is so fun, surprisingly wearable, and very easy to use. The felt tip had a slightly jagged edge on mine, but I easily cleaned that up with some nail scissors. Overall, a super affordable and and unique shade of liner that I will continue to use on occasion. 

ProLine™ Felt Tip Eyeliner in Dark Brown $5

The liner pen was a favourite out of the bunch. Compact, extremely pigmented, and easy to use. Mine got really inky in the cap after the first use, but I was able to wipe away the excess. Be sure to store these liners flat, so that they don't leak or get dried out standing up straight. I'll keep this one handy for travelling and more dramatic looks. 

H2O Proof™ Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown $5

This waterproof liquid liner does not rub off, at all. As you can see in the swatch below, it was a strange consistency that bled a bit. I'm sure that this issue would be solved with a quick shake of the bottle, but I probably won't reach for this one often. It finally came off after minor scrubbing using my oil makeup remover and a cloth. 

wet n wild eye liner
ProLine™ Graphic Marker Eyeliner, ProLine™ Felt Tip Eyeliner, H2O Proof™ Liquid Eyeliner, On Edge Longwearing Eye Pencil, MegaLiner® Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown

On Edge Longwearing Eye Pencil in Wooden You Know $5

The pencil is really nice for a drugstore alternative. It's very dark, matte, and easily bendable. It is more black-based, and I typically prefer a warmer taupe or golden toned brown like the Rimmel Scandaleyes liner in brown. It sharpens pretty easily too!

MegaLiner® Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown $4

Holy. Pigmented. These browns are practically black! I'm not crazy about these liquid liners that have the little well of product, but my sister is enjoying this one for a sleek dark line. It stays well throughout the day, and is a very reliable find at the drugstore. (Walmart or Loblaws in Canada)

In future collections I'd love to see wet wild release more brow products (like a felt tip brow liner) and a larger range of colours for their eyeliners (burgundy, taupe, green).

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