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Monday, August 22, 2016

Rimmel Wonder'lash Volume Colourist Mascara | Review

Review Rimmel Wonder'lash Volume Colourist Mascara

I recently bought this brand new mascara on a whim when I was in Shoppers Drug Mart since it was on sale for $7.99. I've always wanted darker lashes, and this mascara claims to tint or dye your lashes darker within two weeks of consistent use. Upon first application, I found the packaging to be really cheap feeling. This isn't a problem, it's just unnecessary to have such a massive tube.

Lashes before
Lashes after application

The mascara itself is very dark, and I find the brush to be extraordinarily long - which isn't the easiest to work with. The product is super lengthening, but not volumizing or curling. It dries very fast and is pretty sticky, causing my lashes to clump up - especially with multiple coats. Usually if you get a spot of mascara on your eyelid, the best way to wipe it off is to wait until it has dried. If you wait even 10 seconds with this mascara before wiping it off, green dye will be left behind on your skin. The lash dye comes off rather quickly with soap and water, but on your eye area, that won't be so easy.

As I wore the mascara, I found it to be flaky and not good for building up length. My lashes didn't look super full and fluttery, and the dye caused some awkward smudging under my lower lash line at the end of a long day. In general, I could use a less-dark mascara than this super black one.

Brush shape in relation to my eye

Final Verdict:

My lashes were not darker after 2 weeks. I didn't even bother taking a photo because nothing had changed. I use an oil makeup remover every night (L'Occitane Immortelle Remover Oil) and I only noticed that my under-eye area and lower lash line looked a bit darker than usual after washing it off. Not cute. I've gotten my lashes tinted once before, and that was the first and last time since my eyes are far too sensitive and it really burned.

I do prefer this type of classic bristle brush to the rubber variety, but I don't prefer the straight cone shape of Volume Colourist. I find that a more hourglass shaped brush (or anything that shorter and more curved) fits my eye shape a lot better. I'd pass on Rimmel mascara and stick with Maybelline - their Flamed Out is my go-to!


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