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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Best Hair Tie Ever? | Hair Slinky by La Vita Glam

La Vita Glam

A few years back my sister Alissa introduced us to these stretchy coil hair elastics that comfortably hold up a ponytail without creating kinks. As veteran lifeguards, we would use similar coil bands (example) to keep our whistles on our arms. And yes.. I'll admit to using my whistle a few times to hold my hair up in a pony. But only on those extremely hot days!

Classic Collection Black
HAIR SLINKY - Classic Collection - Choose 2 $16

My hair fluctuates from a short bob to a long-ish cut, so I've been using coil hair ties on and off throughout the years. It's hard to find a really good brand of these particular hair accessories since low-quality plastic will stretch out and snap in the cold, proving to be pretty useless in Canada.

It was a total treat to try out the Hair Slinky by La Vita Glam since these hair ties are made with medical grade plastic, promising to last forever. They have 4 main benefits:

  1. No hair dents
  2. No damage
  3. Comfortable no-slip grip
  4. Looks as good on your wrist as it does in your hair

Hair Slinky
HAIR SLINKY Classic Collection (large black) - 2 for $16, HAIR SLINKY Classic Collection (nude shades) - 3 for $10

Classic Collection HAIR SLINKY - Set of 3 for $10

These are fun, cool and totally reliable for all types of hair. They don't tug, they hold well and they look awesome. I love that even though I have my hair up, they don't leave the dreaded straight line dent around your head when you remove it. The small hair-toned coils are perfect for blending right into your 'do when you want to achieve a more subtle look.

These hair ties seem to be almost identical to the invisibobble, which you can find at Sephora and Urban Outfitters. They cost around the same at 3 for $10, though I do appreciate that the Hair Slinky brand is based in Canada and really stands behind their product. Better yet, I haven't seen anything as funky as the large purple Hair Slinky modelled by Lisa, below.

HAIR SLINKY Large - Summer Collection ANY 2 $16

HAIR SLINKY - Classic Collection - Choose 2 for $16

Lisa has beautiful thick dark hair while myself and Lauren (4 images above) have lighter, thinner hair. I definitely prefer to use the Classic 3-for-10 collection since they easily grip my short hair into a cute, casual pony. Overall, these hair ties are a complete hit and I can't wait to pick up some more to throw into presents during the holidays. Nothing beats the beautiful colour range, and reliable quality.


Top tip: if your Hair Slinky stretches out, drop into some boiling water. It'll spring right back into shape!

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