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Monday, April 11, 2016

Paula's Choice 4 Mattes & A Glam Eyeshadow Palette Review

Earlier in March I shared a review of my new skincare line that I got from Paula's Choice. I was so excited to see that they included one of the 4 Mattes & A Glam eyeshadow palettes in the box, since I'm borderline addicted to creamy nude tones on the eye.

Paulas choice eye
This palette is super small and sleek, perfect for a travel makeup bag (see mine here). I also love how the mirror takes up the entire cover, which flips up at the hinge to sit on a table if you need an impromptu vanity set-up.

Matte palette
Cream, beige, café au lait, clay, sugar plum

paula's choice eyeshadow
The texture of these powders is very consistent throughout. They are pigmented but not too powdery, and they do not dry out my eyelids like some other mattes.

matte shadow swatches
I really like the array of eyeshadows in this palette. They have provided a decent contrast on my very light eyelids, and the glittery pink colour is fun for a night out.

nude eyeshadow look
On the lid: a mix of cream and beige. In the crease: café au lait first, with clay in the outer corner.

This palette is great for an everyday look. The matte colours really brighten up the eye and provide a natural definition that stands out just enough. I used a fluffy blending brush for this entire look. I'm also wearing the wet n wild Graphic Marker Eyeliner in airliner blue.

eyeshadow brush
The palette comes with a little synthetic brush that works okay at applying the lighter shades and packing on the shimmery pink colour. I'd personally use it for concealer or something more detailed than powder eyeshadow.

4 mattes & a glam shadow
Ingredient list and shadow names

Would I recommend this palette? Yes! Especially with a discount. You can purchase the 4 Mattes & a Glam shadow palette here for $25. Click this link for 20% off and free shipping, or enter the promo code: PRIMPSPRING at checkout. (Expires May 31st, 2016) 

If this is your first purchase from Paula's Choice, click here (referral) for $10 off.


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