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Saturday, March 19, 2016

What's In My Bag? | Fashion Week Edition

What's in my bag video

Amidst the #MarchMadness of work and finals, I escaped to Toronto Fashion Week for some CBB mingling and the Mondor fashion show earlier this week.

Mondor Collection

Mondor was my go-to brand for premium pink ballet tights back in the day, so I was excited to preview their new collection of socks, tights and leggings at Fashion Week. The show was very well done, and the leggings especially were just phenomenal. Their tights are adorned with sophisticated designs, and the socks looked to be very practical. Just to top it off, Mondor is (of course) proudly Canadian. It's really exciting when you can put a face to a brand by seeing the designer in person at the end of the show.

Canadian Beauty Bloggers

I met up with some lovely Canadian Beauty Blogger friends beforehand, and we posed for a perfect family photo at the Maybelline booth. Left to right, we have Zubie, Liz, Melanie, Desiree and Carly

Microsoft Surface

I decided to stop by the Microsoft section to see what the 3D printers were for, and I ended up coming out with this interesting nail design...

They still have a long way to go for 3D printing in the beauty world, but it was fun to see my digital design in real life.

Now if you're wondering what I brought along with me to Fashion Week, take a look inside my Longchamp handbag here:

I had such a great time at Toronto Fashion Week this year. Sending lots of love to the Mondor team for the invitation, and looking forward next season's shows.


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