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Friday, December 4, 2015

THEFACESHOP Holiday Makeup Look

thefaceshop makeup

If you haven't already heard, THEFACESHOP is one of the first Korean beauty brands to open up shop here in Canada. Whenever I go to Fairview Mall or Eaton Centre, I often find myself browsing through their beauty shelves, mesmerized by the pretty packaging. I've only ever tried their sheet masks (which are awesome) so being a part of the CBB x THEFACESHOP campaign has been the perfect opportunity to try their makeup.

cbb holiday makeup

 I was sent a beautiful package of five makeup products from the brand in order to create a festive look for the holidays. I don't typically wear bright lips or liner on a daily basis, so throwing on this indigo pencil and cherry lipstick has been a really fun change.

thefaceshop canada

All in all, I am thrilled with the makeup I have tried from THEFACESHOP. Each of these products is made in Korea and their prices range from around $5 - $15.

Real Gloss Pure in Sugar Clear
This subtle gloss completely wow-ed me. Not only does the packaging feel super luxe, but the unique bent applicator is so easy to use. I sometimes notice a slight after-taste, but it isn't bothersome. This gloss has micro glitter and a thick, nourishing texture. Strangely enough, I like to apply it before my lipstick. This keeps the tube free from red streaks, and provides a plumped up, smooth, and somewhat sticky base for the layered lipstick. It's my new favourite technique, you should totally try it out.

Freshian Volume Mascara
I didn’t have very high hopes for the mascara, simply because the packaging felt a bit cheap. But don't judge a book by its cover, this actually works well! The spiky bristles separate and define my lashes, while adding enough volume. It lasted throughout the day and did not leave flakes. I am definitely interested in trying more of their mascaras now.

faceshop swatches

FACE it Artist Touch Lipstick in Glossy RD301
First off, the packaging of the lipstick is wonderful, much better than most drugstore lipstick tubes. I was a bit surprised by this bright pinky red colour to begin with, but completely fell in love after realizing that it has a sheer glossy finish. There is practically no scent or taste to the product and it looks so fresh and pretty when I layer it over the clear gloss.

faceshop lesson rd301

GelSet Smudgeproof Auto Eyeliner in 04 Purple
I am so pleased with the deep, indigo shimmer shade of this liner. It glides on well, and has a convenient sharpener in the bottom cap. I surely believe that it's smudgeproof, since it's pretty hard to remove. I found that if I use my makeup cleansing oil to massage and dissolve the dry product, then wipe with a warm washcloth (I prefer the baby ones from the dollar store) all the colour melts right off.

Single Blush in PK01
The blush is a very light pink with a hint of shimmer. I have been dusting it over my cheeks as a final step to set my cream blush, since it gives a nice glow and ensures that the colour lasts all day. I am obsessed with this sleek, rectangular compact, and I can't wait to head to the store to try out a coral shade. I was oogling over how nice it is to use products with good quality packaging, and my sister says "that's some expensive plastic". I am all about that expensive plastic. 


You can follow +THEFACESHOP Canada on Instagram and Twitter, and search #THEFACESHOPholiday to see more looks from other Canadian Beauty Bloggers.

Happy holidays!


  1. It lip colour is stunning on you. I love how it looks like it has a gel-liked consistency. SO COOL!

    1. Thanks so much Chelle! Whenever I wear reds, I get most of it on my teeth/surrounding face area... so I pretty much gave up. But doing this lip gloss-then-lipstick thing has really changed my outlook, and I can avoid the dry lips situation! Gotta try more of their glossy lipsticks now, they're a favourite. xx


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