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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Life, Lately | Summer 2015

This summer was great. It got off to a somewhat slow start, as I have been working in administration at my university since May, and each day seemed to quietly flow into the next.

Once August rolled around, Summer started to get real. Here are the highlights:

1. Piles of magazines to leisurely flip through on the dock
2. An unforgettable surprise birthday party hosted by my family and friends
3. Becoming the unofficial Caesar tester at any patio in the city
4. Cottage weekends ft. sparklers
5. Street festivals like Taste of the Danforth
6. Spending an afternoon on Toronto's Islands
7. Taking my sister and soon-to-be brother-in-law's engagement shoot
8. A morning walk through Edwards Gardens with some friends
9. An amazing Jann Arden concert at Nathan Phillips Square, part of the Pan Am festivities
10. A nice balance of work and play, all while getting a generous dose of vitamin D

And just like that, it's back to school.

You can also see what I got for my birthday in my most recent YouTube video:

Until next time, sunshine!



  1. I nearly flipped when I thought /you/ were the engaged one LOL. (I'm assuming you're about the same age as me, and I've pretty much been 'wtf-ing' at all the people my age that have gotten engaged this summer I MEAN I DON'T EVEN HAVE A JOB RIGHT NOW YET, COME ON PEOPLE STOP PULLING YOURSELVES TOGETHER/ADULTING)

    Ahhhh--must be so nice to have a surprise birthday party! We tried doing one for my BFF once, but of course, she found out about it. Also, OMBRE MUG!!!! Pretty generous of your family to gift you a new lens! I have the 40mm Canon lens...and it's so much tinier than the Nikkor lens *-*

    1. HA! Imagine... there's no way I'd be getting hitched at this point :P oneeee day, we'll all be real adults.. sadly. Imagine planning a wedding alongside school/work? EEK

      It was a great party, I was totally surprised. Seriously cool since I have friends from all over the place, and they all managed to come celebrate :) also I definitely saw that you used the 40mm and it was a total selling point for me!! :D that "upgrading your lens" post was so freaking great. x

    2. Maybe I'll be a real adult when I'm 80 ;) (but man, some adults can really pull themselves together. Starting a family, going to night school while working during the day??? Inspirational. And crazy)

      ALL YOUR FRIENDS IN ONE PLACE--happy feels :')
      Haha, yeah though the Canon 40mm probably isn't as great at the Nikon one. And man, that post was from so long ago--I'm glad you enjoyed it!! :D


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