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Monday, August 24, 2015

Rebalancing Ritual | Aromachologie By L'OCCITANE

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With summer slowly rolling to a close and the September stress looming over the horizon, warm baths are going to become a crucial part of my weekly routine.

I see great value in using essential oils for their relaxing (lavender), bacteria-fighting (tea tree) and revitalizing properties (sweet orange), so I always keep a few favourites in my bathroom for when I need a boost.

There is a simplicity and undeniable freshness that comes along with all essential oils, as they are distilled and pressed from nature's most amazing plants. Incorporating aromatherapy, or aromachologie into your skincare routine is both easy and effective. See my favourite spa-night tips here.

Today I wanted to document the Rebalancing Body Care Ritual from L'OCCITANE which I was given earlier this summer to try out. This is a unisex line which comes in exquisite packaging. There are two other existing lines in the Aromachologie collection, one which is Revitalizing (rosemary and orange) and the other is Relaxing (lavender and bergamot).

exfoliating shower gel
Aromachologie Rebalancing Exfoliating Shower Gel, $26

I have been using the exfoliating shower gel in my daily routine since I just finished my Arlésienne body wash (reviewed here). This is a nice woodsy alternative and I'm totally addicted the unique blend of essential oils: juniper, cypress, lemon, thyme and eucalyptus.

This fragrant wash awakens your senses while instilling a sense of calm. These products in general aren't over the top like many other aromatherapy lines, since moderation is key when using pungent oils. (Doesn't this packaging look like Aēsop? Luckily, the price tag on these is a bit lower.)

The exfoliation comes from lemon peel and olive seed powder, which doesn't scrape the skin and is safe for the environment. For extra suds and a deeper clean, I'll apply this shower gel using bath gloves.

bath salt epsom
Aromachologie Rebalancing Infusions For Bath, $26

These bath sachets are my favourite part of the entire collection. Made with citrus fruit peel and revitalizing salts, I am obsessed with the natural fragrance and softening properties that these infusions add to my bath. You simply hook the string over your bath faucet, turn on the warm water and let the ingredients dissolve.

bath bomb
Rebalancing Infusions For Bath - before and after use

The price is a bit steep at $26 CAD for a box of 5 sachets, but with a bit of handiwork these small diffusing bags can be refilled and reused multiple times. If you love that little touch of luxe but find products from places like LUSH to be a bit extreme, these tea bags for the bath would be right up your alley.

Aromachologie Rebalancing Massage Cream, $40 

The packaging of the massage cream reminds me of the most popular luxury brands like Jo Malone, and Diptyque, with its heavy glass, metal lid and rich lotion that sinks right into clean skin.

"This cream, with its fresh, gel-like texture, is massaged over the body to help stimulate microcirculation and reoxygenate the skin." -L'Occitane

I love applying my lotions on skin which is just slightly damp. I find that more moisture is locked in and I end up using less product this way.


Thanks to this new collection, I have come to realize that L'OCCITANE has their own Spas located all around the world (details here). They provide exquisite wellness treatments which incorporate their classic Sud de la France products and techniques.

This permanent Rebalancing addition to the Aromachologie collection is now available in-store and online here. There are two other Rebalancing products which I have not yet tried: the face mask and olive oil based black soap.

I love how these products allows us to achieve that spa-like feel in the comfort of our own home, in anticipation that a Spa L'OCCITANE will come to Canada soon.


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