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Thursday, July 9, 2015

L'OCCITANE Verveine Agrumes Shampoo & Body Lotion

"Welcome, the Citrus Verbena fragrance. A blend of organic Verbena from Provence, grapefruit and lemon from the Mediterranean crushed with lemony leaves, which come together in an exhilarating zesty accord to offer both a comforting, gentle sensation and an invigorating breath of vitality for the summer." -L'OCCITANE

No matter how many times I try to skip a day between washes, I don't think I'll ever stray from my daily shampooing. There's something so revitalizing about a good scalp massage either before bed, or first thing in the morning.

Citrus Verbena Shampoo $23
I have healthy, uncoloured, and fine hair which will get oily within 24 hours no matter how often I wash. However, I do find that the more water I drink, the less oily my hair and skin will look throughout the day.

Regardless, washing my hair just as often as I wash my face only makes sense - once per day (thoroughly) and usually at night. Here's the catch: most of the shampoos that I've used in the past aren't suitable for sensitive skin.

I've raved about the Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo for months now, as it's a very gentle treatment with natural lime, green tea and moisturizing Argan oil. It cleans my hair and scalp, but doesn't dry anything out.

I got the chance to try out a true "cut above" over the past month, which is L'OCCITANE's Verbena Fresh Shampoo. This is a pricier product ($23), but the benefit is that you need a lot less gel to get that same lather and clean feeling than you would with a $8 bottle. Just make sure that your hair is quite wet so that it lathers up well.

This stuff is the definition of zingy and fresh. Not only does it smell amazing, but the hint of menthol makes your skin tingle as you massage it through your strands. After I use this shampoo, my hair looks very shiny and has decent volume. I especially love how I don't need to use a conditioner afterwards.

I also have the Verbena Fresh Body Milk ($32), which was such a pleasant surprise. I was under the impression that this would be a pretty emollient body lotion, leaving the skin with a bit of a shine. Wrong!

This body milk has a gel-cream finish, much like the aftershave from the CEDRAT men's collection (linked here). I hate pulling pants or shorts up onto oily legs in the summer, so this Verbena lotion  hydrates the skin but dries super fast to a comfortable oil-free finish. The fragrance of the entire Verbena collection is suitable for both men and women, especially since it is quite light and barely lingers.

If you do want a longer-lasting lemony fragrance, the Citrus Verbena Eau de Toilette would be right up your alley. You can also find an accompanying conditioner, refreshing body mist, hand cream/gel, and deodorant stick in the line.

The entire Citrus Verbena (or Verveine Agrumes) collection is on display right now at your local boutique all across Canada. You can even get a free $37 citrus gift set with any $70 purchase of Verbena goodies online! Click here for details.

Happy summer :)


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