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Monday, June 29, 2015

Bringing The Outdoors In - House Plants From IKEA

It's easy to go decor-crazy when you're trying to make a space look alive and inviting. A simple solution for filling a void, whether big or small, is a fresh leafy house plant.

Cut flowers can get very expensive, so I always go for a sturdy plant especially when it comes to a housewarming gift. If you're on a budget, IKEA has an amazing selection of unique plants and accompanying pots that won't break the bank.

Here are my best tips for keeping a house plant happy:

1. Read the care tag.
Only water the plant when necessary, pay attention to sunlight requirements, and always monitor the leaf condition (soft and yellow is too much water, crunchy and brown is not enough).

2. Buy a good pot that won't suffocate the roots.
If there's water sitting in the bottom of your plant, the roots will get mouldy and the plant will slowly die. Either get a pot that has drainage holes and a plate at the bottom, or water infrequently and avoid squishing a ton of soil into the pot.

3. Give it room to breathe.
It's important to keep your house plants in a room that gets fresh air flow and natural sunlight. Consider adding some "plant food" liquid or extra soil if your plants are looking a bit lacklustre, and keep the area dust-free (bugs like dust!). Outdoor plants probably won't survive in an air-conditioned/heated house, so always look for house-appropriate ones.

Now, here are some benefits to having house plants!

1. There's nothing more inviting than fresh green leaves, which add great colour to a room

2. Taking care of a living thing will give you a sense of responsibility and accomplishment

3. Plants provide a breath of fresh air (literally)

If you're looking for something with flowers, I'd recommend a small Kalanchoe. They're inexpensive and can re-bloom a few times if you're lucky. I also love the look of those bamboo sticks that you can get for $3 or so at IKEA.

Here's a great graphic from The Jungalow blog on "9-ways to bring nature indoors for brown thumbs":

Shop the story through Polyvore here:


Happy gardening!



  1. I love Ikea but....THEIR PLANT POTS NEVER HAVE ANY HOLES IN THEM! WHAT GIVES, IKEA? WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST MAINTAINING HEALTHY PLANTS??? I keep a few plants in the home office, just because they add wonderful colour to the overall space. Personally, I'd say no to flowering plants just because they're much harder to grow indoors, but I've got a few succulents, herbs, and spider plants in my office that do quite well.

    (But ermagherd, just bought myself flowers for the first time {peonies} and they set me back ~$25 because peonies are no longer in season $$_$$. Roses on the other hand, were only $7 at the flower market that I went to!)

    1. Yes omg what a pain eh!!! Luckily none of mine have gotten moldy. (ew) But how hard is it to give us a holy pot?! haha and totally onboard with leafy vs. floral. less dead leaves to take care of = happy me. My bf has been taking care of the large Pachira tree up there for a few years, and shockingly enough, it's in AMAZING shape. He also has the bamboo sticks in his place from IKEA that have sprouted like 2ft leaves off the top! crazy. The key is not over watering for the Pachira, since it has no drainage. He keeps it to like once every week/ week and a half.

      Cut flowers die so fast for me. But I nearly drooled over your pic of the peonies!! Lol those are always gorgeous, even when they're wilty. I will make my way to a flower market one day, probs when I need a housewarming gift :)


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