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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Splurge Or Save: Benefit They're Real! vs. CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom

They're Real vs. Lash Bloom

I'm very selective when it comes to mascaras, since I like a natural effect with minimal flaking and clumping, but a long lasting curl with good volume.

Some of my favourites include CoverGirl Flamed out, WetnWild MegaPlump Double Threat, and Clinique High Impact.

Anything with a classic, soft brush seems to work really well on my lashes, since spiky plastic brushes tend to irritate my lash line. I like to get my mascara wand right to the root of my lashes, so the firm spiky brushes (like these I'm about to talk about) will painfully poke around.

That doesn't keep me from testing them out though!

It took me a while to try the Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Mascara, but when I finally did, I was relatively impressed. It made my lashes dark black and full of impact, lasting all day. Then came along CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara with its claim of having a "non-flaking mousse formula" that's lightweight and can layer easily. The brushes are almost identical, except the top spikes of They're Real are longer than those on Full Lash Bloom.

I quickly realized that Full Lash Bloom (in the shade Black) is more grey toned than They're Real, which you might pick up on in this photo of my lashes:

They're Real vs. Lash Bloom - one coat
The shade difference didn't bother me much, since I actually prefer the softer shade of black on my fair complexion. Those with darker hair might be bothered by this, but there is a "Very Black" option, along with a "Black Brown" shade.

After a few hours, my curl was holding up well so I decided to layer on another coat of each mascara. They're Real promptly clumped my lashes together like mad, and Lash Bloom seemed to stay pretty light and fluffy. Call me crazy, but my brows were getting a bit rowdy so I (very lightly) brushed a bit of Bloom through my brows. It worked well! They're Real, on the other hand, didn't work so well as a brow tamer. Note: taken.

They're Real vs. Lash Bloom - two coats, and each mascara swiped through the brows
With mascaras in general, I always opt to save versus splurge. I've never found a mascara over $20 to be worth the price tag at all. Drugstore is the way to go where lashes are concerned. I will definitely continue to use both mascaras, and I'd be much more willing to repurchase CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom if I happen to convert into a plastic brush lover.


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