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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sweetease Wax Strips

SWEETEASE Kit for face, legs and bikini with some "fuzzy" peaches 
First and foremost, I must state my thankfulness for being blonde. I don't have thick hair, but I do have a lot of it. (extra insulation, right?)

Over the years I've tried multiple methods of hair removal. I'm one of the few who does like using an epilator for the underarms, which I wouldn't recommend unless you have very thin, sparse hair.

So I'm on and off with waxing. As a student, the financial burden is real and I don't always have the willpower to rip my own shins off. So I'll usually stick to the good 'ol Hydro 5 razor when I wanna feel smooth.

At a press event a few weeks back, the lovely "waxing guru" Alley introduced me to a few waxing products from SweetEase and Parissa. I'm definitely a fan of the Parissa $20 Organic Sugar Cane Wax (thanks big sis for letting me test it on you!) but today, I'm talking about a slightly more convenient product.

SWEETEASE wax strips (sweet-ease, sweeties, sweet-tease) come in three sizes: face, legs, bikini, and they're available at Walmart.

Who is this for? 
- Those who need to wax in a pinch, especially for the upper lip and legs
- Those who hate messes, and cannot be bothered to use sugar wax and wash the strips
- Teens who are new to waxing

1. 20 mins before, take an Advil (ibuprofen) NOT Aspirin- you want the anti-inflammatory properties of Advil to reduce irritation, pain and redness, but not thinned out blood before waxing.

2. DO NOT wash your skin- the natural oil is necessary to let the wax stick to the hair, not your skin. (Washing is required for sugar wax, though)

3. Avoid the week of ovulation and the week following. The first week of your cycle post-flow is your skin's least sensitive time to be waxed. You could expect bleeding from the follicle otherwise.

4. DO NOT GET THE WAX STUCK TO ANY SURFACES. Please. Be careful. It took me an hour to get one stupid strip off the floor.

5. Warm the strips - I placed mine under a heating blanket since I'm far too lazy to do the hand-rub action, shown in the image to the left. Make sure the two papers come apart smoothly, without that ticking and resistance of cold wax.

6. Press firmly onto the furry surface, then RIP OFF FAST! Remove any sticky residue with the "after wax wipe".

- Not very painful if done correctly - don't wash before! pull against the direction of hair growth!
- Seems like a great fix for the upper lip, a unibrow, or the pits
- Inexpensive, $6 - $7 per pack
- No real prep, just use some kind of warm surface to heat the wax

- Nothing is reusable - each strip can only be pressed and ripped once, then you throw it away (sugar wax can usually be pressed 2x, then the cloths are reusable after rinsing)
- Difficult to warm up with hands alone, unless you use something like an electric blanket!
- Very hard to get every single hair - my legs were left with some definite patches (ensure that the hair is at least ½ cm long)
- I think it would be way too hard to do pits and bikini on your own - seek help from a kind family member or friend

Overall, I really enjoyed trying the new SWEETEASE wax kits. They were fairly simple, effective and not too time consuming. I actually ended up using all three sizes on my legs - the bikini size was perfect for around the knees (I decided against before & after pics, sorry). I'm all about getting the best value out of my products, so I'd sooner repurchase a sugar wax that can be used a few more times.

Do you have a favourite waxing method? Do share!


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