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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Miracle 10: 10 Day Skincare Challenge

Back in November I was introduced to Miracle 10, a Canadian skincare company partnered with the Plastic Surgery Skincare Clinic in Yorkville. I participated in a fantastic event where we were treated to a customized set of skincare products, and invited to begin a 10-day skincare challenge to see what they could do. Since then, I returned back to the clinic for my first chemical peel, which you can read more on here

At the event we played around with the Miracle 10 product range while snacking on sushi and drinking champagne. Talk about the ideal girls night out! Michelle Villet and Sarah Ohm also presented this year's beauty trends, highlighting bold brows, graphic liner and nude nails.

I began using my products right away, by slowly incorporating each one into my routine. I have sensitive skin which has poorly reacted to products in the past, so I made sure to give myself a few weeks before formulating any opinions.

The range of products I was fitted with - Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Cream and SPF
At night, I use the cleansertonerlight serum and AHA cream, with my BHA Liquid before or instead of the serum. Though the light serum works well as a daytime moisturizer, I usually opt for my L'Occitane Shea Comfort Cream in the morning, after a quick wash using warm water and a face cloth.

The cleanser 1 works great. It has a light scent and removes the majority of makeup, leaving my skin feeling comfortable and clean. The toner is also a real winner, since it has witch hazel and aloe - the ideal ingredients where pH-balancing is concerned. I really enjoy how the light serum makes my skin feel fresh, balanced and hydrated. My favourite product has to be the AHA cream. It's formulated with Lactic acid, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid, which gently exfoliate, repair and plump up the skin. I'm not crazy about the lavender-y fragrance of the serum and cream, but it doesn't stick around after application.

After one application of the cleanser 1, the majority of makeup was removed. I followed up with Nivea Express eye makeup remover to eliminate the racoon eyes, and finished with a second wash using my Clarisonic Mia. 
Each product is gentle enough to use all over the face, and this routine has also cleared up the patch of red, irritated skin beside my nose. Whenever I use a product with Glycolic Acid as the AHA exfoliant, my nose area seems to flare up. I have also used the serum and AHA cream safely under my eyes.

To sum it all up, I'm so proud and definitely impressed by Miracle 10, a made in Canada brand that lives up to its promises. After analyzing the ingredients and formulas, I have to admit that this skincare routine is very similar to my tried and true skincare essentials (Cetaphil cleanser, Thayer's toner, Cetaphil moisturizer). The difference is that this routine is amped up with a bunch of added benefits and is available from one particular brand. Also, the packaging is much more sleek.

Miracle 10 has fantastic skincare sets for all ages and skin types, so head over to their boutique in Yorkville or Mississauga for a consultation and customized routine. I'd also recommend taking a look at their facials and treatments while you're at it. I'm a Miracle 10 convert!



  1. You have gorgeous skin! I can't wait to finally start the 10 day challenge! I'm planning to do it sometime in the next few weeks :)

    1. Thanks Miranda!! I work pretty hard to take care of it though ;) I hope you like the products just as much. Let me know your thoughts afterwards! xx


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