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Friday, January 30, 2015

Loose Button Luxe Box

Ohhhh, beauty box subscription services. One of the hottest trends in the cosmetics world.

I still remember watching MissGlamorazzi back in 2010 talking about Birch Box, and feeling so jealous of all the awesome travel-sized products she'd get for a mere $10 a month. Now that almost all subscription services are available in Canada, I must admit that I've been very tempted. Like shopping cart filled, ready to purchase-tempted. But you know what holds me back? Shipping.

An extra 50% of the box price ($10) for shipping? No thank you! Let alone the sketchy brands that are often thrown into the box to get the "actual retail value" a bit higher. 

*Close the internet tab*

So this post comes about after seeing the name Loose Button popping up all over my magazines and news feeds. Their "Luxe Boxes" feature high-end, luxury cosmetic brands and are available 4 times per year - one for every season. Loose Button has already partnered with LOU LOU and FLARE, two of my favourite Toronto-based magazines. I recently checked out the site, and was so surprised to see that nearly every product in their new box has been featured here before:

Paula's Choice BHA Liquid
Klorane Dry Shampoo
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer 
Vita Liberata Tanner
Press Release photo of some product options for the Spring 2015 Loose Button Luxe Box
This is unreal.

For about $25, I must admit that the Spring 2015 box seems to be totally worth it, since those few favourites alone would cost at least $30 if you were to buy them off the shelf. Bonus, you get 4 more products in the box. Also, I think we could all justify a little beauty treat every 3 months, versus random lip glosses and eye shadows every single month.

So when I got a message asking if I'd like to try the Spring box free of charge, I thought heck, why not! Especially since it's a home-grown Canadian service, I'm always willing to give local companies a chance. I even noticed that they included Miracle 10 in one of their recent boxes, and I'm definitely still loving their made in Canada products.

To sign up for Luxe Box, you will create a profile on their site, so that the products in your box can be tailored to your skin type, lifestyle, etc. There's also a great network on there to chat about your experience and get tips from other subscribers. It's $26 for one box, $50 for two, or $96 if you lock in for one year of boxes (plus provincial tax). Best of all, NO EXTRA SHIPPING! Hallelujah.

Overall, my main thought when I was looking into the service was how great of a gift it would be for any beauty lover. It's customizable ($25, $50, $100) and there's bound to be at least a few items in each box that they'd love. These are all popular brands that are easy to find in store or online. Sure you aren't getting 8 full-sized products, but think about how much makeup you can get at Sephora, for example, with only $25. (Hint: Maybe half an eyeshadow palette)

So if you're feeling spend-y, hop on the bandwagon and count down till March with me until you receive your own Luxe Box too! Better yet, tell me your experiences with subscription box services, weather it's Loose Button, or other. I love some beauty gossip.


P.S. Like with all subscription-type services, there's a referral aspect: "By participating, each member shares their unique invite code to offer his or her friends and family a discount on any membership plan. For every 2 successful referrals made, earn a FREE Luxe Box! Start earning by going to:" 

I think this is a really nice option if you have some friends who want to take part in the service also. Everyone benefits in the end!

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