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Friday, December 12, 2014

Top 10 Closet Essentials

Closet Essentials

It's time for Fashion Friday!  

Earlier this fall I was really inspired by a post seen on the Glitter Guide, featuring a list of "10 Classic Pieces You Need In Your Closet". Though my compilation isn't very different, I decided to pull together specific wardrobe items that I already own. Sadly, my post isn't as adorably illustrated as theirs, but nevertheless here are my Top 10 (and a few extras). 

1. Printed Neutral Scarf

My favourite leopard print scarf was a random find at H&M from way back when. A good quality scarf will last, so don't hesitate to invest since it will take you from season to season, year to year. A simple grey, a subtle animal print, or a pattern in your favourite neutral is always a great idea. 

2. Shift Dress

A basic shift dress is flattering on any shape, so don't be afraid to stock up. Nothing's more comfortable than a straight, relatively loose dress that doesn't cling and holds its shape. I also threw in some great quality opaque tights. I must say that after years of testing (ahem, don't go for American Apparel) J. Crew does these the best. You can't mention shift dresses without some solid tights!

3. Statement necklace

Now-a-days, cute chunky necklaces can be found literally everywhere. Depending on the outfit, I'll rock an inexpensive Joe Fresh necklace (featured here), my own designs, or some pricier pieces from J. Crew (here). 9 times out of 10, really cheap necklaces look..well.. really cheap. So definitely try to invest in some high quality costume jewellery to jazz up those "fast fashion" basics from F21 or H&M. Good accessories can absolutely transform your look.  

4. Significant Watch

I recently posted about my favourite 3 watches, so click here to see more on those. Something chic but simple, like my silver Fossil watch, can easily take you from exam-writing to a holiday party. Look out for major discount days at department stores like The Bay, to avoid paying full-price in boutiques.

5. Blazer

I've found some variations on the classic neutral blazer from stores like Banana Republic and H&M, and a few others second hand. Since you want this item to fit properly, it's crucial to shop around in order to find the ideal dressy-casual staple to pair with your classiest dress, or comfiest jeans. 

6. Button-Up Chambray 

Love this one. A lightweight chambray (not the same as jean) looks amazing with a circle skirt (see #9) and even better with skinny pants and a warm sweater. This material is softer than jean, making it classy enough to wear with a blazer to work. 

7. Comfy Tees

All hail, the Uniqlo Heattech tees. I have tested tees from everywhere. Gap, BR, ON, H&M, F21 Club Monaco, deigner brands, etc etc etc. None hold their shape and colour like Uniqlo. I hate to call clothing items "disposable", since they shouldn't be, so a well-fitting white tee like the Heattech one is an awesome find. Online shopping will suffice until their first store comes to Canada in 2016. 

8. Boots

I've included both riding boots and ankle booties in this category. My favourite black leather booties are from Aldo, and have held up well for a few years now (see my leather care tips here). The knee high BCBGeneration ones in the photo are a recent purchase of mine, and I'm absolutely loving them. They have a rounded toe, different from the typical almond shape, and are extremely comfortable for walking around. I hate how hot and constricted my feet feel in PVC boots. If you haven't tried real leather boots yet, you seriously have to. 

9. High waist circle skirt

Once again, my go-to skirt is an oldie from H&M, back when their quality was just a stitch better than what it is now. Regardless, look out for a solid colour skirt that can be worn high-waist, perfect to pair with your comfy tees, chambray shirt and blazer. 100% cotton can ride up if you're wearing tights, so try to find a polyester/spandex blend instead. Also, for the sake of us all, make sure the skirt is long enough. To the fingertips! (More ways to look like a lady, here)

10. Favourite Jeans

I recently found an incredible pair of boyfriend jeans from the brand Treasure&Bond. The biggest difference I notice when compairing expensive jeans ($100+) to regular jeans, is the difference in fit from when you put them on, to when you take them off. It doesn't change. At least it shouldn't change with designer/high-end jeans. My Gap favourites fit fine, but they tend to pull, stretch, and fade pretty easily. If you have an ideal style, look to invest in a pair that will make your butt look great, morning to night. Trust.

11. 2-3 inch Wedges

And finally, some bonus wedges since I love mine too much to leave them out. Again, my faves are from Aldo and have lasted a good while. I'm a big fan of the J. Crew wedges and would definitely consider spending the money if I had to wear them more often. Sure, stilettos are great, but who can actually walk in those (pain-free) for more than a few hours. Throw on some nude pantyhose and black leather wedges, and you'll feel chic and comfy for the entire day.

I also bookmarked another great article from the blog Chapter Friday, covering "Six Classic Pieces To Invest In This Fall" - none of which are included in this post, but I do own (and recommend) one of each!


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