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Monday, December 8, 2014

New Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Polishes For 2015

Clockwise from top: Ready to Propose, Grape Minds Think Alike, Protective Base Coat, Matte Top Coat and Yo Soy
Coincidentally enough, LOULOU Magazine and I have been inspired by the same colour palette!  

I came across this "Dress to Impress" article a fw days after painting my nails with Wet n Wild's newly reformulated and repackaged Wild Shine nail polishes. The revamped line will be available in February 2015, along with a whole array of other new products and formulas. See the style of their old bottles here

Left: Grape Minds Think Alike and Ready to Propose with 2 coats of Matte Top Coat.
Right: Yo Soy and Ready to Propose with 1 coat of Matte Top Coat.

I've been meaning to pick up a bottle of matte top coat, since it's such a fun texture to incorporate into nail art. These photos were taken on day 5 and I applied an extra coat of matte onto the burgundy hand to show its true effect. You can see that the matte-ness has slightly worn off on the nude hand.

I used the protective base coat, two coats of colour and followed up with the matte top coat on both hands. I was hesitant to put matte on the shimmery gold, but I actually love the "brushed metal" look that the polish took on. The top coat dried surprisingly quick, especially since it's relatively more thick than the other polishes. 

These nail polishes have a typical brush, not pinched or rounded
I think one of the most remarkable qualities of the Wet Wild brand is their loyalty to staying affordable. Like really affordable. As we see many other drugstore brands pushing their price tickets up into the 10's and 20's, this iconic polish had been $1.99 for 35 years, and will stay at that price for years to come. Although this isn't the most profitable business plan, I  respect the comany for providing good quality, inexpensive cosmetics which are readily available at the drugstore.

Overall, I am blown away by the Wild Shine range. This new formula stands up to the test of time and the bottles look super sleek. Despite a few minor issues, like loose caps or brush bristles being slightly imperfect, I've been loving all the shades in the collection and I can't wait to share some more festive manis.

Look out for the new Wet n Wild releases in February at your local Walmart, Loblaws or Rexall.

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