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Monday, November 17, 2014

Visiting Williamsburg and Virginia Beach

A pretty horse and carriage in Colonial Williamsburg
I spent a brisk afternoon walking through Colonial Williamsburg while visiting the US at the end of October. This popular historic site is like a more intense version of our Pioneer Village. The warm fall colours and muted sunlight really brought out the natural beauty of this picturesque American town.

I so enjoy the perfect 15° fall weather which makes afternoon walking very enjoyable. There's nothing quite like a pretty, winding path lined with leaves.

Hey, have you ever seen a cotton plant? There was a small garden area with various plants for kids (and overgrown kids like myself) to walk through and explore. I thought this was so cool, and super soft.

As a lover of all things found in a gift shop, I was in absolute heaven in the vintage-y stores scattered around Colonial Williamsburg. How adorable are these bottles of Beautifying Water? Luckily they were too big to carry home on the plane, so I had to deal with only taking a picture. Because let's be honest.... how many beautifying waters does a girl really need? I believe I maxed out a looong time ago.

These yummy syrups made me seriously crave some pancakes. 

My one souvenir was this teeny tiny wax sealer, etched with my initial. I'm a big card maker so I thought that this would be a really nice addition to my stock of supplies. It's currently acting as a little piece of decor on my desk until my Christmas production line begins. (Finishing exams on Dec. 16 ... it couldn't come sooner.)

We also managed to visit Virginia Beach, which was unfortunately hit with a dark, rainy wind storm that same weekend. It's a really sweet spot that gets packed during the warmer months. Despite the weather, it was fun to walk around the streets lined with beachwear shops and fun restaurants.

Happy travels!


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