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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Under Hyped: Olay Daily Facial Cloths

"A one-step cleansing routine that leaves you skin feeling clean, comfortable and makeup-free." Sounds too good to be true, right?

These soft-textured, fragrance-free cloths for sensitive skin gently cleanse to remove everything from waterproof mascara, to dark lipstick and foundation. Simply add water, rub the cloth together and toss after using.

 I recently picked up a new box of these all-in-one cleansing face cloths, remembering how useful they were back in the day to remove my makeup after ballet recitals. Since they will remove makeup and clean the skin with soap and water, these cloths allow you to skip double cleansing.

My favourite part about Olay Daily Facial Cloths is that they're so lightweight, making them perfect for travel. You don't need to worry about leaky bottles, damp cloths, cotton rounds or makeup remover. Just slip a few of these compact, dry cloths in your bag and almost all your skincare steps are covered.

One side of the cloth is smooth for cleansing, while the other is textured for mild, scrub-like exfoliation. They are fragrance-free and the cleanser must be fully rinsed off, unlike with typical makeup wipes. I also love how they come with a sleek reusable box for storage.

The one downside with this product is the waste that these cloths create. It's not like they're pounds of plastic or anything, but I don't think they're biodegradable.  For those concerned about the cost, these cloths are pretty large so you could definitely get away with cutting them up and only using half.

I have seen countless rave reviews on these cloths and I totally understand why. Not only do they cleanse thoroughly to give a nice fresh feel, but they have also incorporated Olay's conditioning moisturizer to soothe the skin. Here's the Beautypedia page for them - Paula's Choice is usually really nitpicky with product reviews, so the "BEST" rating is pretty impressive.

Be sure to grab a box of these little gems on your next drugstore run. You won't regret it!


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