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Monday, November 3, 2014

Battle Of The Foundation Brushes

Shiseido Foundation Brush

When shopping for a specific item, do you go for the cheaper option and sacrifice quality, or opt for the more expensive option and expect a better product?

I got the idea for this "Splurge vs. Steal" comparison from The Budget Babe, one of my favourite beauty and fashion blogs. As of a few weeks ago, my favourite synthetic flat top foundation brush from Shiseido now has an accessible, cheaper doppelgänger!

The H&M "bb cream brush" seen above is a very similar style to my Shiseido fave, just a bit larger. Despite what it might look like in the photo, the H&M brush has a bigger surface and a longer handle.

The Verdict:

Personally, I'd splurge with the $35 Shiseido option since it retains and applies my Maybelline mousse foundation the best. I would rather buy one expensive brush, use it daily, wash it properly and have it last for years, as opposed to spending $12 on the H&M one.

Regardless, I'm very happy to have found a cheaper alternative to my favourite foundation brush, which you can pick up at your local mall.


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