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Friday, August 8, 2014

Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Salad is my thing. It's my go-to entrée at restaurants, and is easy enough to prepare at home. As a side dish, I tend to use leafy greens with a sweet balsamic dressing. For a main dish, I'll choose some more hearty ingredients to make sure it holds me over till my next meal. I'm a huge fan of salt and vinegar (mmm..chips) and definitely crave those savoury gems like olives and feta from time to time. I'm perfecting my meat-cooking skills and can now whip up a killer chicken breast in just a few minutes. Read on to see how I create this simple, mediterranean inspired salad with fresh and delicious ingredients. 

I picked up some pre-seasoned feta in olive oil and basil, and olives "à la provençale" from my local grocery store. These two ingredients pack a real salty punch, and I like how their seasonings add some more flavour to the entire salad. For the base of my salad I used half a cucumber and a whole tomato, chopped up into cubes. I pan-seared my chicken breast in olive oil and a spice mix containing basil, rosemary, onion and oregano, then sliced it warm to add to the mix.

My dressing is a simple vinaigrette using red wine vinegar, olive oil, a touch of salt and some black pepper. You could definitely omit the salt if you add in olives and feta.

This is a wonderful salad to prepare ahead of time, because since there are no leafy greens, the ingredients won't wilt and go mushy as quick. It was extra delicious to eat right away since the chicken was still warm, which provided a nice contrast to the crisp veggies.

Do you have any go-to summer salads? Let me know!

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