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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Top 10 Rules For Dressing Like A Lady

As summer finally begins to creep up on us, down filled jackets are now a thing of the past. Since the higher temperatures are calling for less layers, here are the top 10 rules I always have running through my head when I'm purchasing new clothing or piecing an outfit together.

1. Invest in good basics that really fit and flatter. A $30 tee might seem ridiculous at the time, but if it has that perfect stretch and a great neckline, it'll end up being priceless.

2. Your skirt should end at least at the fingers, not before. Shorts- different story.

3. A very visible midriff is typically not pretty, but could be "sexy" if only 1-2 inches. Simple solution: get your grandma's opinion.

4. Bra straps are meant to remain under clothing, not as a compliment to the outfit.

5. Highlight one feature. If it is your chest, cover your legs. If it is your legs, cover your chest. Less to worry about in the end.

6. Fishnets and ripped up tights mean nothing good. Unless worn on Oct. 31.

7. If you are wearing leggings, please cover your nether regions. 99% of leggings (especially black cotton) are completely see through when stretched. Although you might not be able to see it, everyone else can.

8. Wear black jersey with caution. Dark, stretch cotton/synthetic fabrics are very much like a glass window when light is shining on them (note: all celebrities wearing a black tee and the flash goes off…awkward!)

9. Invest in good underthings, especially if you decide to wear black jersey (see: 8). Good underwear, beige camisoles, a good bra, body shapers, shorts, tights, long johns for the polar vortex, etc. etc. are totally necessary.

10. Love how you look. If you see a friend or celebrity and can't get enough of their look, take those specific elements and customize them to fit you. Don't go out and blindly purchase the exact same things. We are all shaped very uniquely! Embrace it.

I am by no means saying you aren't a lady if you "break" one of these rules, because I have surely broken each and every one at some point in my life. Now, at my ripe old age, I care about my appearance and being taken seriously. I've gone through some really rough outfit choices, and despite having defined my own personal style, I still have my bad days. Plan outfits ahead of time and try to enjoy getting dressed in the morning. You will feel so much more confident and beautiful if you leave more to the imagination ;)

Keep smiling!

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