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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dusty Rose Lipstick Dupes

Although I don't opt for lipstick every day, I really do enjoy a "my lips but better" look for more special occasions. After falling for the dusty-rose shade of Chanel's Mademoiselle, I decided to look for a few comparable options at a more affordable price point. Lots of testing ensued, and I managed to narrow down my results to three shades ranging from $1 to $40.

I was quite surprised with the E.l.f. Essential formula since the pigmentation and finish is comparable to the more expensive alternatives. This is the lightest shade of the bunch, therefore it is my go-to lip colour for winter. The flavour is just okay, a bit fruity but also slightly plastic-y. The formula goes on with a moisturizing finish, but wears off within a few hours. I don’t like the packaging seeing as how the actual lipstick has a hard time staying in place. It'll often scrape along the side of the tube when you roll it up, and the actual mechanism isn't smooth at all. Definitely a good budget-friendly buy, without any luxurious touches. This lipstick is made in China and there is 3.5 g in the tube.  

CoverGirl heavenly is the most vibrant of the bunch and it comes in my favourite packaging. I really enjoy having the lip colour showing at the base of the tube for easy shade spotting when stored away. I love this shade for summer since the vibrant pink undertones really compliment tanned skin. The flavour is also my favourite, since it is quite light and fruity. After a few hours of wear, this lipstick isn't very drying and provides a slight stain to the lips. This lipstick is made in the US and there is 3.5 g in the tube.  

This iconic lipstick first caught my eye when it was featured in a magazine ad a few years back. Although choosing the ideal “your lips but better” shade is a very personal choice, Chanel Mademoiselle is one of the most popular lip colours around the world. The scent is slightly floral, and the packaging feels quite luxe. The stick is even embossed with their name! Despite the fact that I’ve owned this tube for (gasp) a few years, the scent, texture and overall appearance has not changed at all. The formula is just moisturizing enough so that the lips aren’t left feeling dry, and there is little to no staining effect after the product wears off. This lipstick is made in France and there is 3.5 g in the tube.

L to R: E.l.f. Charming, CoverGirl Heavenly, Chanel Mademoiselle 

Overall, Chanel Mademoiselle does come out on top with price not being a factor. If I were to wear lipstick every day, I would probably opt for the E.l.f. more often than CoverGirl since it is less bright. These are all shades that I would consider repurchasing, and I would definitely recommend each one if this is the shade for you. 

Bisou bisou!

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