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Friday, April 18, 2014

Top 10 Beauty Myths

A few weeks ago I highlighted 10 common nail myths, seen here. Today I'm shifting gears to the beauty side of things, focusing on some other common myths which get tossed around every so often. See the truths listed below:

Photo via Marie Claire
1. Drinking water keeps your skin from drying out.
What keeps skin moist is oil, not water. Drinking water will surely help your body function properly, and too little can dull your appearance. But your skin may still look dry even if you drink 8+ glasses a day.

2. Makeup causes breakouts.
Not true, poor hygiene and crazy hormones do.  Mistakes like falling asleep with your makeup on, not cleaning your makeup brushes often enough, or using the wrong skincare can surely cause breakouts. Keep your makeup products in a constant state of cycling in and out and don't go thinking that a collection of 40 blushes from 2010 is going to do you any good.

3. Toothpaste banishes blemishes.
Although toothpaste may have a drying effect, it’s not a product recommended for clearing skin. The ingredients in toothpaste like mint or fluoride can be major irritants to the skin. See my thoughts on skin clearing ingredients in my last post, here.

4. Chocolate and sweets cause acne.
Chocolate, candy and greasy foods alway get a bad rep when it comes to the mystery behind what causes acne. Overproduction of oil, raging hormones and the build-up of bacteria are the main causes of acne, not eating sweets and desserts. 

5. Alcohol as a toner will get rid of acne.
Please. No. If I could take every alcohol based toner off the market, I would do so in a heartbeat. Use witch hazel as a toner and tea tree oil for spots, both seen here.

6. Oil based moisturizers clog your pores.
When you wash your face, the necessary oil to keep your face hydrated washes off too. If you simply replace that oil right away, your skin won't have to over-produce more oil to hydrate itself. The over-producing can cause more clogged pores in the end, since the oil-free moisturizer you're putting on instead can surely clog pores.
The key is only using a few drops, and really only at night. Putting oil on your skin under a water based makeup will cause the makeup to slide around and not adhere to the skin. Layer "like over like" (water-based moisturizer over water-based foundation) for the best lasting power. Also, look for that "non comedogenic" label on your moisturizers to help avoid clogged pores.

7. Shimmery products make you look younger.

Depending on your age, you do have to be careful how you use sparkle and shimmer. A subtle sheen in your blush or eyeshadow can help create a youthful healthy glow, but only in small amounts. Heavy shimmer can sit in the folds of the eyes, and get right into wrinkles which will accentuate them. If you have dry skin and are craving that summery glow, use cream blush, bronzer and highlight instead of layering on powders. See some great cream blush here, and how I apply cream products here.

8. Waxing will hurt the same amount regardless of when you do it.
This is definitely not true, as I'm sure some of you ladies are well aware. You should never wax right before or during that time of the month. Which really only leaves a two week "safe" bracket to get the ripping on. Hormonal changes can seriously heighten the sensitivity of nerve endings, which means that waxing or depilating around ovulation can cause excess pain, bruising and nerve damage. If you want to help dull out the pain during the safe weeks, take some pain killers containing acetaminophen   or ibuprofen about 30 mins before you begin. Do not take aspirin, since it thins blood and will cause a lot more flow if you get cut.

9. You should rub your wrists together when you apply fragrance
Surprisingly not true! According to Marian Bendeth, a fragrance expert and the owner of Sixth Scents in Toronto, "this rubbing can "bruise" the oils contained in the blend, chemically altering the scent. Leave it alone and let it air dry," she says.

10. You can shrink your pores. 
It's actually impossible to change the size of pores, but you can make them look smaller. Using egg whites tighten the skin, giving the illusion of smaller pores, but it's a temporary effect. There are also many pore refining primers on the market, such as Benefit's The PoreFessional. I have yet to try an egg white and clay face mask, but I'll be sure to repot on its effectiveness when I do. The thought of putting raw egg onto my skin doesn't really sit well with me though.

I hope these tips were interesting, and don't hesitate to ask for elaboration on any of the points mentioned. Here is a similar type of post I found just recently on Holt's Muse.
Also, if you have any post requests, be sure to send them my way via the little envelope button at the top of the page.

You're beautiful! Don't forget it ;)


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