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Monday, April 14, 2014

Exploring Kerasilk By Goldwell At Haartek Salon

Just last week I had the opportunity to attend a launch event hosted by Kao at my beloved hair salon, Haartek. The attendees were educated on Kerasilk, which is a new smoothing treatment from Goldwell. I've tried many products from  the Kao brands in the past, and have not once been let down by their impressive results. Now, what is this smoothing treatment, you may ask?

 “Kerasilk keratin treatment is the first customizable long-lasting smoothing service which leaves your hair feeling like silk for up to 5 months.”

After hearing this, my first question was, "does it damage the hair?"
This treatment could actually do the opposite. Since the smoothing effects last for such a long time, your unruly hair will need less heat styling to achieve that silky look. And as we all know, less straightening means far less damaged hair.

Before and after shots with sample tendrils, highlighting all 4 stages of treatment strength.
The Kerasilk product line which helps maintain and extend the life of your smoothing treatment.

Depending on both the client's hair type and the desired result, the Kerasilk treatment can be customized to fit everyone's needs. There are 4 different treatment levels to choose from, shown in the images above. There is also an accompanying product line to enhance and maintain the Keratin treatment effects.

The product application, and a real life example of "before" vs. "after"

Here's how it's done:
1. Wash the hair
2. Apply the Kerasilk creme from root to tip in small sections
3. Once the entire head is covered, blow-dry with a round brush
4. Straighten the hair to the desired smoothness
5. Wash hair again
6. Final blow-dry to reveal the results (see right hand side of image above)

For around 5 months after the initial treatment, regardless of if you heat style or let it dry naturally, the hair will not frizz up like before. If you straighten your hair before going out, at the end of the night, it'll be just as smooth and straight as it was when you left.

I was surprised to hear that the product applied to the hair is glyoxylic acid based. My skin is quite sensitive to these types of acids, which actually wouldn't be a problem since the treatment is not applied directly to the scalp. 

The gorgeous, newly improved salon with its incredible product display and very comfortable interior.

This treatment makes unruly, frizzy hair a lot more manageable. I don't have issues with my hair getting too frizzy, therefore I haven't gotten the treatment done. I do plan on taking one of the lovely ladies in my life to try the service and products, then give an accurate and honest review of their effectiveness. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Kerasilk holds up to the test of time and I'll be sure to let you all know!

Although it is an initial investment, the results will both improve your hair's appearance, and decrease your styling time each day. This isn't the equivalent of a relaxing treatment, or as damaging as a perm. Instead, Kerasilk will soften natural waves and smooth out the hair structure overall.

Simply magnifique!



  1. Hi Kerasilk keratin treatment is perfect treatment for silky hair.

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  2. Great post! I got this treatment done recently! So amazing, ladies! I have never seen my hair looking so....PERFECT!!! Bought it online on Ebay: and asked my hairdresser to apply it. Saved tons of money. Will definitely do it again and recommend it to all of my friends.


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