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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

HowTo Valentine's Day Heart Manicure

Over the past few years, I have come to love painting my nails. Every Sunday evening, I'll watch a few YouTube beauty videos as I freshen up my manicure. I find this ritual to be quite therapeutic and I really look forward to it after a long week. As I started to apply some Valentine's Day themed "Nail Fairy Nail Wraps" this past Sunday, I found myself getting far too frustrated at how difficult they were to apply in a clean, wrinkle-free manner. I took them off and started browsing my Pinterest nail boards to craft up my own design. I really wanted to do some cute nail art, but wasn't feeling time commitment required to perfect each and every heart. After a bit of Googling, I finally found what seemed to be the quickest nail art idea I've ever come across. Read on to see how I managed to create this cute and simple Valentine's Day manicure in around 30 minutes.

1. Necessary items: nude base colour, red heart colour, dotting tool, tweezers and plastic bag.
2. Begin drawing hearts on your bag using the red nail polish and the dotting too. 
3. Clean up around any messy hearts with a pointed stick before nail polish dries. 
Wait around 10 mins for the hearts to fully dry.
4. Carefully peel up the hearts from the plastic bag with your tweezers. 
5. Place the hearts on your nails- try to do this right after applying your second coat of nude nail polish for a better stick. Do so with caution! Once the heart is on there, you can't move it around without creating a smudgy mess.
6. Gently press down the hearts using the back end of your tweezers. Finish with a fast dry top coat.
Tip: apply a large blob of top coat onto the nail and gently slide it across without letting the brush bristles sweep along the nail. If you press the brush down too hard, the red polish will smudge onto the nude. Allow time for it to fully dry.

If you don't have access to a dotting tool, there are many DIY's to make one yourself.
Make sure to always paint your nails in a well ventilated area. I wear one of those thin doctor masks while I paint (you're allowed to laugh at that) to avoid breathing in all of the smelly fumes.

I hope this gave you some inspiration for your next DIY nail art manicure.

Happy painting!

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