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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Levi Cutoffs

Theres nothing like a good pair of jean cutoffs in the summer. As long as everything remains concealed, they provide a very laid-back, cool feel to any summer time look. These vintage Levis were bought at Urban Outfitters, as part of their "urban renewal" section where they spruce up vintage items and resell them.

Sunnies- Zara, Necklace- Della Mora Designs - Made by me

Bag- Longchamp, Shorts- Levis, Belt- H&M, Shirt- Sfera (Barcelona)

The famous "Le Pliage" Longchamp bag has literally been on everyone's arm for the past few years, yet it still remains one of my faves. Their new "Planètes" line provides a monotoned style of bag made with thicker material and a more classic look. I do still love all of the vibrantly coloured bags, but they're starting to lose their flare in my eyes. Hooray for breaking the mould and trying something new!

Flats- Bloomingdales

Happy summer! Wear SPF ;)



  1. Love love your outfit. I especially like your coral pumps.

  2. I love this outfit! So great how you accessorised it with a colorful necklace and belt Xo

  3. Thanks a lot, Olga, checking yours out now!
    Madeline, xx

  4. In love with the shoes and belt!!
    xx Kari


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